Thursday, July 16, 2015

Romance, Love and Joy: The Data Center on the Moon

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Political technical details are boring.

Scale is boring. Irreni World Scale is designed for 7 billion people. That's really boring.

Today, I'd like to take a break from boring. Today, I'd like to take your breathe away... going to the Moon where there is no air there. ha!

People are culture. The best way we can live with each other in concert is if we all feel connected. The Internet today is the great connector, bringing us all together. The Internet today is bringing humans to new levels of concerted connection never before possible or imagined.

The Internet today is best defined as permanent connection only. The Internet has no permanent data in and of itself. But what if? What if we added permanent global data to the global connection? What if we had the Data Center on the Moon?

Irreni World Scale is a romance of seven billion people. Of all the people on Earth. The Data Center on the Moon (DCOTM) represents permanent data to add to Internet's permanent connection.

The DCOTM brings us all closer together by enlarging the scope of history to everyone and not just the famous and influential. Every one's history is recorded permanently in the DCOTM.

The DCOTM is designed to hold all public data for all of us here on Earth. Every scientific understanding, every caring work of literature,  every natural living thing catalogued and photographed forever more. Every scrap of knowledge is deliberately permanently stored in perpetuity. An act of pure love for children of generations unseen.

Our collective destiny is not just to be good stewards of planet Earth for the benefit of every generation to come. Our collective destiny is also to be good stewards of all knowledge ever attained by people for the benefit of every generation to come. Peace, love and understanding. Peace is Earth. Love is us taking care of each other. Understanding is the Data Center on the Moon.

There is no more love, no bigger romance and no more intimate joy then the legacies we leave for future generations to come, people we never meet. Today we can feel that love from our ancestors that came before us. It is all around us. Just think: our generation could be the first generation to make a home for permanent public education of all knowledge available to all people on Earth in our time. We, us!

Why the Moon? Because I believe the story itself needs to be a romance. The story of building the data store of all knowledge itself needs to be a story.

The Data Center on the Moon is romantic story because we do not yet possess the technology to build it. Building the Data Center on the Moon is akin to the romantic space period in the 1960s of going to the Moon. We have to work together globally to meet unforeseen challenges to make it happen.  This time we are staying on the moon: a new chapter in humankind’s romance with our generations unseen.

The Data Center on the Moon is a romantic story because it will take multiple generations to build and many more to scale. What better foundation of improving humankind than to plan projects that span hundreds of years and yet benefit generations even more? The Egyptian Pyramids took many life-times to build and yet far more generations later they are still standing. The Data Center on the Moon is intended to be as long in building and long in standing.

The Data Center on the Moon is a romantic story because it will be an all-out, everyone-in, Earth scale project. Like the International space station every single country and every single person can have opportunity to get involved. The act of implementing the project, like implementing the ISS, will be a deliberate act of global cooperation.

The Data Center on the Moon is a romantic story because it blows your mind. The Data Center on the Moon will be first human wonder to be built off Earth. The idea is quite unbelievable in scale, breath-taking in contemplating once completed and breath-taking in romantic dreaming.

The Data Center on the Moon is a romantic story because it is a permanent gift to all our future generations of humans. The DCOTM will require an Earth in a permanent state of advanced technology and cooperation to maintain. If we can maintain it for hundreds and thousands of years what a generational romance it will be. Someday when the Moon is no longer a space challenge, but a space backyard easily obtainable then the next generation can build the next data center even further to expand our imaginations, expand our dreams and expand our survival options to planets and worlds beyond Earth.

Pluto being in the news recently then I was thinking today perhaps someday humans will build a data center on Pluto. So I wrote this blog posting.  This Pluto Data Center will be the expanse of human knowledge all space travellers will encounter first when coming back to our solar system, and rely on last as they make their way out. Humans connecting.

Information, not gold, is the ultimate treasure. The Data Center on the Moon is a gift of the ultimate treasure to everyone to come in the future. How much more intimate joy can there be than that to feel the effort and the purpose of so many who have come before?


Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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