Friday, August 21, 2015

Empathy For All, For The Day!

Hi! Happy Friday!

Today's post is about love and acceptance.

I was having a break-room conversation with the younger generation the other day about political-correctness.

I love rude, crude and socially unacceptable humor. My own take on being PC is we should just label  venues and materials that are rude, crude and socially unacceptable the same way we label content for violence and sex.

For example, there is a Penn and Teller movie called "The Aristocrats". It is a documentary about telling the same joke one-hundred times by one-hundred different comedians. The joke happens to be a joke where the point is to offend as many people as possible. I find "The Aristocrats" hysterical. In my mind this movie would have the most comprehensive label possible, "Rated CE, comedy intended to offend everyone."

Anyway, I was dicussing at lunch this week that being PC is here to stay according to an article featured on the cover of "The Atlantic". The Atlantic author declares that being PC has turned a tipping point on college campuses and there is no going back.  I was asking a representative of the recently graduated how they felt about this thesis? They agreed. And they said it is not a problem, PC was second nature. Being PC is natural for a twenty-something as breathing oxygen and there is no big deal. Meh.

I say "meh" because I do have empathy for all, I do. I say meh because I realize my humor is outdated. I'm outdated. I grew up in an offensive comedy generation. Meh.

Empathy for all!

This conversation came about on the same day that Jared Fogle pled guilty to child pornography and underage sex.

Political Correctness is a harbinger of "empathy for all" generation being ushered in by a rise of secularism and the dismissal of religion as evil. Religion is about insiders versus outsiders, us versus them. Therefore religion is evil. That's what I'm blogging about here.

Empathy for all is a pointedly non-religious view point. I have empathy for all. Not offending people agrees with my empathy for all.

So, I just reflect where the next generations will be going and how religion is going to be left in the dust with empathy for all. Specifically wishing suffering upon others will no longer be accepted:

  1. Rape.
    Specifically males raping males in prison is not funny and it is not an acceptable form of justice, ever. That footlong joke about Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle is not funny. The fact that Christian Americans condone male rape in prison and have for centuries pretty much sums up my contempt for religion in this country. If Christianity had any kind of efficacy whatsoever then our prison system as it exists today would have never come to be where men are raping men is considered justice by the American public.
  2. Death penalty.
    It is not about justice for the victims when we kill someone. It is a statement about who we are and our empathy for all and so we will not kill people. 
  3. Animals.
    Again, as with the death penalty, how we treat animals reflects on our empathy. In the next generations empathy will be highly valued and treatment of animals will be seen as a strong indicator of empathy.
  4. Free will doesn't exist.
    People are in part programmed by their genetics and their environment. Empathy for all takes this into account when considering crime. Empathy for all will no longer consider suffering as a form of justice, but rather adjusting living conditions for people's limitations will be expected. 
  5. One life-time.
    Empathy for all is 100% focused on this life-time. The after-life and free-will don't exist and so providing even the most heinous and evil of vicious killers opportunity and value of life will be valued. This is not about rehabilitation but understanding people's limitations. Society will have a responsibility as with public education to managing public limitations. As science progresses and we can identify heinous and evil people characteristics then steps can be taken to mitigate evil tendencies before manifestation and for those people to thrive. Empathy for all. We only have one life-time and everyone is an innocent five-year-old when we start our memories and our higher order brain functions kick in.
Empathy for all is coming. Make no mistake about it. Science and especially the study of genetics and the brain will allow us to understand in unprecedented ways exactly why people behave they way they do and we will understand that our animal species of Homo sapiens has limited capability to make good choices for self-determination. We are going to engineer and innovate ways to mitigate bad behavior with science and so have empathy for all. That will be the new morality. Say goodbye to religion. Yeah!

The future is coming. Empathy for all is coming as being PC on college campuses is already a done deal.

The religious days are coming to an end. The days of "do the crime, do the time" will be made irrelevant by science.

Irreni World Scale is built upon empathy for all. Irreni World Scale is designed to optimize relative morality so as to include everyone, everyone.

To whit, if you are old like me and you think the death penalty is a form of justice then you are out dated. If you think male rape in prison is an acceptable form of punishment for Jared Fogle and for child rape and child pornography then the world has already passed you by. Rape is not funny. Neither is it a justice punishment.

Secularism is coming and the complexity of a moral code built on empathy for all is exponentially greater in the number of rules than the 2000-year-old simplicity of religion. Religion cannot compete with future morality. Scientific manuals of people are coming. Mapping the human brain is coming.

Irreni World Scale is built on the information rule: treat people as they are and not as you are. The golden rule is over. Empathy for all!


Moral relativity: think it, breath it!

Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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