Monday, August 3, 2015

Rights As Assumptions

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Lately I've been blogging about conversations, you and I, getting it together so we can govern ourselves. The government that governs best governs best governs least because the people govern themselves, cheek-to-cheek. Dancing cheek-to-cheek. Because that's like the song I'm listening too today. Today is Tony Bennett’s 89th birthday and I'm enjoying Tony and Lady GaGa, singing cheek-to-cheek.

Today I want to go on about rights. Irreni redefines rights.

Rights have traditionally been thought of as self-evident truths. We have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Ten years later in the Bill of Rights we get the right to free speech and bear arms.

But, self-evident truths? What does that really mean? It smacks of religion, of dogma. Self-evident doesn't pass the science test either: claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Irreni World Scale redefines rights as assumptions. And, as with science, the fewer the assumptions the better because assumptions are unproven.

Rights are awesome! Rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Precious! And free speech? Why rethink rights? At all?

Why? Because self-evident truths do not lend themselves to change. Rights are meant to connote never ending and never changing. Rights are seen as something that are immutable and can't be improved. But we all know that is not how rights are implemented.

Free speech? Limits. The limits started with yelling fire in a crowded movie house.  The right to free speech is curtailed ever more every day. Threaten the life of a President then you go to jail.

Bear arms? Congress passed a law after the advent of the atomic bomb that limits your right to weapons of mass destruction. That's huge.

Free speech and owning firearms are two rights that demonstrate the underlying problem with rights as self-evident truths: they are not. The minute a "self-evident truth" is cracked open like some walnut shell so as to get at the nut of it then all self-evidence becomes suspect. What is the nut? So, you can't yell fire in a crowded movie house and you can't own weapons of mass destruction. What is self-evident about what is a weapon of mass destruction? or yelling fire? What is an assault rifle? Something strictly defined or whatever we say it is?

It is precisely because rights are assumptions and not self-evident truths that Irreni treats rights as assumptions. This flips the sacredness of rights on its head turns rights into our weakest feature: assumptions. Assumptions are just the best idea with no supporting evidence. We get rid of assumptions where possible in science. The notion of a right as an assumption is that one is always looking to minimize rights because they are claims made without evidence.

Irreni flips the notion that the more rights the better off we are on its head. The fewer rights we need the better off we are.

Rights have a purpose. Generally that purpose is guarding against oppression and promoting freedom. This purpose is a spectrum of negative protecting against being a slave to the positive of getting a public education. If rights are doing their thing then they prevent tyranny by promoting opportunity and empowering everyone and balancing power.

Why minimize rights? Because, just as with assumptions in science, the fewer assumptions  means a better model. Rights and assumptions are chains, binding restrictions that can lead to erroneous outcomes due to those limitations.

For example, I do not agree that right to bear arms should be a right. The argument that the right to bear arms is a defense against tyranny is a baseless claim with no evidence. Factor into that baselessness the fact that we can no longer own weapons of mass destruction to defend against government tyranny really undermines the whole defense against tyranny argument. However, any argument I make is moot because the right to bear arms  today is unassailable.

Irreni World Scale rethinks what rights are by streamlining. The purpose of Irreni rights is the same as the rights we have today; guard against oppression and promote opportunity. However, instead of enumerating rights individually like the right to free speech, right to bear arms or the right to marriage then Irreni simply states everyone has a right to opportunity and all people are equal opportunity important. Now that the age of human quality is upon us then the obligation is to afford everyone opportunity of importance for quality of life. Whatever right you can think of immediately is a right for everyone.

Irreni World Scale rights and assumptions:
  1. Gnab Gib Principle.

    Our collective objective as humans is to survive until the universe ends. Preferably at Milliways.
  2. The Human Quality Principle.

    The human race is over! We won! The information age marks a new era of human objective: quality of life.
  3.  OI Principle of Human Quality.

    OI stands for opportunity importance. Everyone has a right to opportunity and all people are equal opportunity important. Now that the age of human quality is upon us then the obligation is to afford everyone opportunity of importance for quality of life.
  4. Right to Individual Currency

    Everyone has the right to print money. Governments can only tax currency that the government issues. This represents a new franchise in addition to voting that allows people to indirectly influence government.
  5. Right to Public Education and Information.

    In 1789 we recognized the right of public education in order to have an informed citizenry. In the information age we extend that right to include public information.
  6.  COx Principle of Human Quality.

    About year ago, I was chatting with a senior executive at a large organization that had just seen a new CEO arrive on the scene. I asked how it was going and she said that the striking thing about the new CEO was that he was very “self-effacing.”She contrasted this as a big change from the former CEO who while being very smart, was brash and lacking in modesty. She said, “He would suck all the oxygen out of any room because the attention always had to be on him.”
    -Vince Molinaro

    Contradictory Oxygen principle is an allusion to an expression oft uttered where someone sucks all of the "oxygen" out of the room by talking over everyone else. In this case of COx I am referring to the dead stealing all of the oxygen from the living. Of course the dead do not breathe and ergo the contradictory oxygen principle. This principle states that no generation of living folk can obligate the next generation of folk after passing on...especially to the point to where someone is born into a completely proscribed, planned and obligated situation brought about by the dead. This is tyranny of the dead for the living. We are building out planet Earth materially, legally and culturally and that should not presume any obligation on the living because of what was built in the past. 
  7.  69 Principle of Human Quality.

    Today a number cannot be copyrighted or otherwise given intellectual property standing in law. The 69 Principle of Human Quality says we should have as a goal to make as much information free from intellectual property standing as possible, just like with numbers.

Now you might be asking then what happens to free speech? Free speech is now like any other idea and ready for experimentation. Free speech is undergoing experimentation already today. However, Irreni gives license to experiment and where free speech joins any other idea people want to promote in society. To whit, there is a difference between recognizing a social desire that we all have like say a freedom to speak freely and the implementation of that freedom. Most things involve risk and costs that need to be weighed against a body of competing social desires. And that's what experiments are all about, continually finding implementations that balance risks and costs. Rights as fixed truths are almost impossible to balance because they are immutable.

Tyranny and oppression grow in the stagnation made possible by social gridlock that results from opposing forces of competing rights we have today. Irreni breaks the logjam of stagnation of opposing rights  by promoting experiments to resolve juxtaposed social ideals, social ideals we call rights today. 


Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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