Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tender Trump

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Wouldn't it be great if we nicknamed Trump, "Tender Trump"?

"Leave a Tender Moment Alone" is  the title of a Billy Joel song. To hear Wikipedia tell it Billy Joel was hearkening back to softer days of R&B:

Even though I'm in love
Sometimes I get so afraid
I'll say something so wrong
Just to have something to say
I know the moment isn't right
To tell the girl a comical line
To keep the conversation light
I guess I'm just frightened out of my mind
But if that's how I feel
Then it's the best feeling I've even known
It's undeniably real
Leave a tender moment alone
Leave a tender moment alone is a lyric in the song that is good advice to many a nervous guy on a date; just don't say anything. Leave a tender moment alone just happens to be a very nice way of saying, "shut up". ha! Mmmm.

Tender Trump as a nickname is my funny way of referencing that lyric whereby we think to replace "tender" with "trump" in the above lyric,  leave a Trump moment alone. Sometimes the mood is best left alone.

Imagine if we all started referring to Trump as "Tender Trump". In one fell swoop we tell the media to fuck off, we won't participate in train wreck politics telling Trump to fuck off. Kill 'um with kindness! as they say.

This blog is about solutions, not punditry. Today I want to provide scalable solution to the Trump phenomenon.

What is the Trump phenomenon? Much punditry has been made about Trump's rise in polls and then again 24 million viewers watching the Republican debate. The most common opinion going is that reality TV has arrived in politics and people want saucy, trashy talk. Trump is providing.

But is that it? I have read other, less common, pundit opinions of which one struck me as noteworthy: the Republican voters are finally starting to develop some self-awareness and engage in introspection. Really?

So what do you think?

And that is the problem right there: think. The answer should not be a matter of think, but science and fact.

Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Was Trump really the reason the Fox debate received 24 million viewers?

Let us do a periphery scientific questioning in to this claim:
  1. Has Trump every drawn anywhere near 24 million viewers just for watching Trump? No, not ever. This fact undermines the claim Trump was responsible for 24 million viewers.
  2. Has the capability to count viewers dramatically improved since 2012? Yup. Again undermining the claim.
  3. Did Fox control all of the outlets where previously it did not? Yup. 
  4. Was there any investigation or alternative reason considered for this sudden jump to 24 million? Nope. 
  5. 24 million viewers is on the order of the same number of voters in the last election where 84 million voters turned out in 2014. Think about that. One fourth of the number of voters in the last election watched this debate. The only unquestioned opinion  for this was Trump was the reason. Are we not selling out selves short leaving it at this? Shouldn't we do some investigation? Why can we get 24 million viewers but only 84 million voters?
Irreni lesson number one:
Demand scientific answers and shame punditry. 

So our first lesson is demand science. Don't accept on face value claims made. 

The second Irreni lesson is about cognitive dissonance with respect to bullying. This nation is bullying Donald Trump, no doubt about it.  In an interview Trump held the US in his minds eye for just a split second. Trump was asked why felt it was okay or him to be obnoxious. Trump's mind's eye, moment of truth  was  people make fun of him all the time about his hair and no one seems to mind it. Ever. Therefore he feels it is okay to bully because he is being bullied.

Bullying has been a national conversation for a few years yet now. Yet with respect to the bullying of Trump we get crickets? Why? Because we feel Trump brings it on himself. And therein lies our cognitive dissonance. We are against bullying until we are not. We want to bully and yet we don't want bullying, cognitive dissonance.

Tender Trump. A nickname of "Tender Trump" removes bullying of Trump from the picture. Kill Trump with kindness and he will go away over night. Quit bullying Trump over his hair. America's desire to beat up a politician, any politician, even someone like Trump who has never been a politician, is something we want very very badly. We must avoid this bullying temptation.

Irreni lesson number two:
 Cognitive dissonance is emotional and detectable.
Our fascination with someone like Trump is nothing more than our fascination with our own collective cognitive dissonance around bullying. We all want to make fun of Trump's hair and enjoy it and so we give Trump a pass to bully us and others.. This has become a vicious cycle. All we need to do to dismiss our cognitive dissonance is a.) detect it and b.) reconcile it and call him Tender Trump.


Moral relativity: think it, breath it!

Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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