Friday, August 7, 2015

The Worst Word Ever

Hi! Zappy Friday!

Get your handkerchief out. Prepare to hear the most evil, vicious, horrific word that has ever been uttered across humans ears.

And of course its origins are French. I kid. Who doesn't like French wine? I mean this evil word does have French origins but that has nothing to do with why it is so horrific.

This horrific word even has a singular category of horror reserved all its own: boring. Boring evil. When was the last time you watched a boring horror movie? Not a boring horror movie that was poorly made.  I'm talking about a boring movie that struck your eye bleeding from terror? So much so that you couldn't take even five minutes of  boring horror before you had to bolt out of the theater?

Ok, so grab a pint of your favorite brew and drink a ton of it. Cause your going to need that drink for this next blog post here on Irreni.

What is this unspeakable horror of a word I dare not dredge distastefully from my mind to your, as yet, untroubled neuro-pathways? Brace yourself!

The most evil word is "bureaucracy". Notices it is not even a really good French word. It is more like a German word where the Germans smush words together; bureau crazy! be u r oooh crazy!

To be fair the word "bureaucracy" is not totally alone in a class of boring horror, it has a step-sister word companion, "systemic".

I can make all your hair fall out by putting both of those words together: systemic bureaucracy is at the heart of our political failures.

Bureau crazy is our human nature and second only to marriage. Every culture has marriage. Every culture has bureau crazy that is not tribal. Bureau crazy is in our genes.

Bureau crazy is a systemic problem that Irreni World Scale solves.

I like you, dear reader. So I will not go into the discussion of why systemic bureau crazy surpasses  even corruption as a root cause for our political demise these days. No, I leave researching bureau crazy to your discretion if you want to torture yourself reading up on empire building, waste, fraud and abuse. Suffice it to say that bureau crazy is a natural human grouping artifact from top down politics.

Irreni World Scale builds large groups of people from the bottom up, not the top down.

There is a fun little anecdote involving Richard Nixon and bureau crazy. When Nixon first took office as President and as a conservative he wanted to make an impression of cutting excess government. So he asked his cabinet to find a fool-proof useless government program for a quick victory. They soon came back with the Tea Tasters program. Since this country had been founded there was a Tea Tasting federal program whereby all tea sold in the U.S. must first be tasted and approved by a federal Tea Tasting agency. It served no purpose. Consumers should be deciding what tea tastes good and that's good conservative, libertarian politics. So Nixon said "cut it". Which was not long after followed by his now famous quip, "If you want immortality then become a government program." He said that, of course, because he failed.

Bureau crazy is a problem of scale. The more people a single social group serves like the U.S. government then the bigger, more inefficient and less effective bureau crazies become. Bureau crazies eventually choke to death eating their own excrement.

And it is not just government. Corporations that grow too large cannot innovate. They cannot innovate. In Silicon Valley almost every large corporation such as IBM, Apple, Google or Microsoft buys small company innovations or they "spin off" small company like incubation departments or subsidiaries. Once a corporation bureau crazy gets too crazy then it is game over ever having creativity. Bureau crazy is boring evil.

Large bureau crazies are a huge source of failure for governments and corporations. And arguably bureau crazy is a far bigger source of US political failure than corruption even though the two go hand-in-hand. Since large corporations fail due to large bureau crazies then large corporations buy themselves immortality by, you guessed it, becoming government programs. Microsoft will never die because 90% of the US government is using Microsoft Windows.

How does Irreni World Scale meet the bureau crazy challenge head on? Bottom up of course. The fundamental building block Irreni is a tribe of thirty people. From there then tribes-of-tribes are grouped, then tribes-of-tribes-of-tribes and so on. With Irreni the shortest lived organizations are the largest organizations. The hardest groups to hold together are the largest ones. The "immortal" groups are the base tribes themselves.

So Irreni does scale to the entire world population because there is no limit on bottom up grouping like there is with top down.  Irreni builds from the bottom up. Large groups such as "countries" are not the beginning, they are the last grouping to build from grouping groups of groups.

Irreni uses the very latest in cutting edge communication technology to enable building groups from the bottom up and the center piece is the V.E.R.Y. or virtual environment reality you.

Okay, enough boring horror for today!


Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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