Wednesday, August 5, 2015

You Need To Start Making Political Decisions

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Yesterday Jimmy Carter was interviewed where in essence he was saying the US is no longer a Democracy, but an oligarchy. But that is actually being nice. It is corruption plain and simple.

The US has become like Mexico, China and most other countries around the world. Corruption rules.

I posted Carter's interview on Facebook yesterday and made two important arguments yesterday regarding Carter's observation:
  1. Root cause was scale. Our success has become our failure. Our success has been since WWI the US has become the richest country in the world, by orders of magnitude. In Silicon Valley we say that your success becomes your failure when something "goes viral", or the scale of growth quickly overwhelms either the company or the technology. Internet start ups fail because ten, twenty or even one-thousand times more web visits can bring down a site. Going viral means scale grows orders of magnitude too quickly to manage. This is called "going viral". Going viral can also mean the company needs to grow personnel overnight and hire rapidly to meet demand. Netscape, back in the day, was hiring 700 people/month. Who can manage that kind of growth? The US went from people starving during The Great Depression in the 1930s to shooting the moon 30 years later in the 1960s. That kind of financial success overwhelmed the political system. Our cash went viral too fast. 
  2. Irreni World Scale does scale out. Irreni scales out to the entire planet. 

Here is a question: how can the claim be made that Irreni scales out planet-wide? The answer I've stated before and I will state again, as one sentence.

Irreni scales out by plugging into our current top-down only political process the missing bottom-up political processes for tomorrow.

Irreni borrows ideas from Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley we have known for as long as I've been in the software since 1993 that top-down, or waterfall design doesn't scale. Our politics today are fundamentally flawed because they only take a waterfall approach to political design. The bottom-up approach to politics today is a.) one-person one vote an d b.) jury trials. In the US both the jury system and the voting system have been rendered useless. What little bottom-up political power once existed in this country has been diminished to almost non-existence whereas the top-down political system has grown-out-of-control.

Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Irreni World Scale makes 20 big fancy pants claims, without evidence, about new bottom-up systemic approaches to politics. Do I have any evidence they will work? No. So the claim that the 20 big fancy pants ideas scale out planet-wide is unproven, untested and a lot of talk. Those 20 big fancy pants ideas represent just one of potentially infinite number of bottom-up designs we can choose from.

However, the design objective of adding a bottom-up approach to modern politics is proven where a waterfall approach to design doesn't scale. Our politics today is of a waterfall design. The solutions to fixing the failures of any waterfall design come from iterating between a bottom-up approach and a top-down approach, switching back-and-forth which view to take. The upshot is that this means you need to start making political decisions in your daily life. You need to exercise political power. Most people do not like politics. Too bad. We all need to suck it up and be responsible for our contribution to bottom-up politics. Calling this your "civic duty" is weak tea. It is a design necessity.

So bottom-up politics it is then. That is the solution to corruption.

 You can Google "top down bottom up design" to further explore how this works in Silicon Valley today. 

Here is a nice graphic I found:

I choose this one because there is a strong emphasis on simulation. In Irreni World Scale simulation means role playing. I have seen simulation work well whenever it companies have taken the money to invest in it and I'm recommending it for bottom-up politics.

I have a couple other of blog posts that talk about scale out:

High Tech Politics

"If there is only one lesson you learn from Irreni World Scale then let it be this: a bottom-up feedback loop needs to be inserted into the politics today. But Irreni offers so much more than a single lesson that we've learned here in Silicon Valley about how to scale. Why not apply all that we have learned?"


How To Scale, 101

"So the one true lesson from Irreni to learn above all others is not just that politics in 2015 needs new bottom-up systems as I stated yesterday, but rather that designs that work at one degree of scale do not work at larger degrees of scale. All designs need to be changed to scale."

The future is coming. Technology, population growth and climate change are dead ahead. Do we have the collective will to meet these challenges head-on for ourselves and future generations? If so this means  You Need To Start Making Political Decisions to inject bottom-up design into politics today. We need a new political system for bottom-up, a design for bottom up, a design for we the people governing best by the government governing least because we the people govern ourselves. This means we need Irreni World Scale.


Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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