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Irreni Solution: Average Intelligence Empoyment

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Yesterday I posted an observation that there are pressures on employment of average intelligence: automation and computer intelligence. Average intelligence is about the capability of the brain, not high school education. To whit, education level will be irrelevant if one has average intelligence because for most average intelligent tasks computers will be able to perform such tasks and much cheaper.

Today I'm going to write about the Irreni World Scale solution to the average intelligence employment dilemma.

Before we begin let me remind the dear reader that Irreni has at it's core two fundamental principles:

  1. Innovation replaces revolution. Irreni advocates continuous improvement by a million upgrades over one-hundred years and not revolution of government overthrow or wholesale disruption. 
  2. Experimentation where science is key to innovation. Innovation starts small and only scales to large numbers after scientifically proven success of claims. Repeatable processes. 
Average intelligence is being made obsolete and unemployable by systems today because the focus is on efficiency, not humanity. It is an easy sell to blame this on capitalism, but that is too simplistic. Any human system is subject to human nature. Greed is in our human nature. No system to date has been able to adequately deal with greed and its sister, corruption. That goes for corrupt communism, socialism or capitalism.

Capitalists get all sanctimonious and point to a human nature flaw with socialism and communism: lack of incentive and competition. Humans need incentive and competition lacking in communism and capitalism.

However, capitalists are in complete and total denial that all capitalists systems fall victim to human nature: greed. Efficiency concentrates profit, concentrates recipients and this concentration promotes greed and corruption by narrowing the recipients of profits via efficiency. The list of capitalism traits that are brought about by greed is endless: monopolies, price fixing, collusion and war to name a few. Corruption is the queen of greed and the bane of capitalism. Capitalists are blind to greed because most promoters of capitalists are greedy themselves. A telling moment of greed just recently was when Alan Greenspan, the Fed Chair, exclaimed surprise on behalf of bankers and that he expected bankers to be responsible and self-regulating, not irresponsible and greedy.

Our evolution of social groups then needs to improve on the failures of today's systems, especially the fundamental flaws of corruption brought on by greed.

Irreni World Scale's solution is to change the focus from individual to groups, from CEOs to tribes.

CEOs today tie their personal individual wealth to the stock or performance of the company. CEOs position the company as their own personal wealth maker and not as a group or public benefactor. The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.

What we need is a new system where the needs of the many outweigh then needs of the few, or the one. This will mitigate the concentration of wealth and power that fosters greed and corruption of capitalism today.

Irreni World Scale promotes a new system based upon a unit of tribe. The unit of hire is a tribe and the unit of living is a tribe.

Imagine a world where corporations, countries, states and cities as social groups no longer exist. Instead what we have are social groups based on a unit of tribe. Groups of people scale in size not by adding individuals to corporations or countries, but by tribes-of-tribes associating.

Imagine all single family units demolished and replaced by highly reconfigurable community units geared towards constant to membership changing.

Why Tribes?

What is the meaning of life? Fellowship. Connecting with each other across some personal spectrum physically, emotionally and intellectually is why we live. That has always been an obvious easy answer to the question of the meaning of life; only our egos insist on an unanswerable answer or want fellowship with the supernatural bigger than ourselves.

We need to connect with each other. Work is meaningful because work connects us to each other. We feel we are connecting and contributing to the human experience.  We feel our worth.

Family is fundamental to humanity because family is our first connection when we come into this world as children. People who hate their job oft times site the family connection as enough and exclusive reason for living.

However, families break down anywhere education and technology thrive. Mostly because we are captive in families, but education coupled with technology frees us the captivity. Families as voluntary tribes break down.

Irreni World Scale calls for experimenting with tribes with some of the following ideas.

Tribal Balance

Prisons, mental institutions and elder care institutions all go away as criminals, limited mental people and the elderly are mixed into tribes. Every tribe will be addressed by balance. Even the most gifted among us is required to connect directly in their tribe to those less fortunate.

How tribes are balanced with a formula of productivity and dependence needs to be worked out. The formula should be a scientific one where dependency is distributed evenly. It is important that everyone connect and have fellowship with those less fortunate, including criminals. We cannot build a better world without thinking day-to-day of those who need care and people for whom this system doesn't work. These people need to be in our face if we are going to solve these problems.

Corporations go way as tribes-of-tribes work in tandem for larger projects. Tribes are the unit of hire factoring in overall compensation for groups with balanced dependencies.  The concept of "employee" goes away as all tribes are balanced to distribute the care for those dependent amongst everyone.

Life's Meaning 

Find your tribe!

Conspiracy theories always fall apart in the face of life's meaning. President Obama lives for the same things we all live for; to spend time with his family and enjoy himself. President Obama is not delighting in conspiracies of bringing down the American government or undermining the right. 

People just want to live their lives. And that applies to CEOs and world leaders. Girls just want to have fun. Everyone wants to "get off work" and enjoy a movie, sports and fine food. People want to enjoy life and people with power over-indulge, not create conspiracies.

Tribes increase the meaning of life over what we experience today. Today we feel disconnected from family, friends and humanity because our contributions to all of these have been marginalized.

A tribe of thirty people is designed to give us a pool large enough to find a few people for us to connect too directly but not so large our contributions to the tribe seem insignificant.

Also, given a tribe of 30 has 10-20% dependents then there is a large enough pool to spread the care giving around, as well as any expertise required.

Tribes membership is voluntary. Tribe membership is not conscripted but competitive. As long as tribes meet their dependency balance then tribes are free to advertise for new or different members. Unlike a family that you cannot chose, you chose your tribe. Any time membership change a new balance will need to be calculated but otherwise people are free to move about.

Finally, tribe size of 30 is large enough that attrition may be devastating but not debilitating. However, this number of 30 needs to be vetted with social experiments just like any other aspect of Irreni systems going forward. Science for the win!

Find your tribe!

Average Intelligence Employment

We don't grow, cook and serve our own food. We don't make our own clothes. We don't even wash our clothes. Our jobs are so distant from any end contribution to other people our feeling of worth in work gets lost.

Today's work system is frustrating because we need fellowship, we need to connect to enlarge life's meaning. But this cannot be contrived. I worked in a manufacturing facility for a few years where handicapped people were given makeshift jobs and a wage. That's not going to do.

Irreni World Scale calls for a new focus for capitalism: tribe-reliance. Today capitalism focuses on profits for investors. Tomorrow's capitalism focuses on technology and endeavors for tribes.

No more mass production for consumption. Instead the new capitalism focus is limited production for tribe self-reliance. In other words, we re-focus the purpose of automation to allow tribes to be self-reliant and not to lower costs for everyone in the world.

Irreni World Scale is setting the bar of life to be self-reliance. We make our own food, clothing and shelter. However, we do so with state of the art 3D printers for food, clothing and shelter.

Tribe-reliance will put the focus of human fellowship and connectivity back where we can feel it: locally. We all use state-of-the-art technology to build an iPhone.

Tribe-reliance is the future when you think about climate change, space exploration and the meaning of human life. Single tribe reliance will have very limited capability considering how many people it takes to build an iPhone today. But, as we move further along the robotic, artificial intelligence improvement time-line we focus not on mass production putting average intelligence at risk of being meaningless, but rather on tribal-reliance. 

Avoiding Insular Dysfunction

Tribes will increase meaning in life by promoting fellowship within a tribe. However, human nature and history show that the dangers of the negative aspects of tribes are every bit as catastrophic as greed and corruption are today.

To mitigate this risk Irreni World Scale requires that every single person have a Device of Life (DOL). The DOL connects everyone to everyone else. Further, the Data Center on the Moon contains our collective knowledge of all humanity and is available to everyone via the DOL.

The Internet and constant use of it for social networking as we do today with people anywhere in the world will offset the negative tendencies of human nature...of violence and homogenuity associated historically with tribal warfare.


Demand Irreni World Scale!

Think disruption!

Empathy for all!

Moral relativity: think it, breath it!

Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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