Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Real Tyranny

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Ok, much ado has been made in the US about the country clerk in Kentucky who would not issue gay marriage licenses. Should we accommodate religious bigotry?

I'd like to offer an Irreni solution take on things. The solution comes in the form of a question:

Is there only a single world view that we want?

The advent of the Internet and instant mass communication is quickly aligning the variety of world views to a unified view, but is that what we want? I would argue no. Not only is it not what we want, but humans are so diverse that such a thing is not possible. What we are seeing today in Kentucky is just a smell of how demanding uniformity will play out.

When is it okay to have different sub-cultures with differing world views? How are the boundaries defined? Is it okay to discriminate under the mantle of religion?

The Irreni solution is a system that supports and promotes the greatest diverse moral relativity as we  can stand and does so with a model of only handful of universal minimum rights. A minimum set of universal rights enables the most opportunity for relative and diverse group and individual rights.

Irreni takes the same approach to human rights as Scientists take to the fundamental forces of nature: the fewer the  better.

Irreni has very few fundamental rights. The one that applies here is the OI principle, or Opportunity Importance principle. This principle simply states that human race is over and we won. We now know how to survive and now we have to move on to the age of quality of life for everyone. Therefore everyone has equal opportunity importance. This is the OI Principle.

Every generation of humans should have the opportunity to define what humanity means, what opportunity means. What a sad state of affairs it would be if one million years from now everything is pre-determined for everyone born.  The human experience should be open ended morally and continuously changing such that each and every generation can take ownership of new moral imperatives and missions. Life should not be a proscribed hell from cradle-to-grave of a life determined wholly by previous generations of morals, purposes and obligations.

Today, we currently define marriage as opportunity where anywhere from 200-1,400 legal rights are conferred upon a marriage contract depending on where you live. The county clerk of Kentucky is denying opportunity importance and therefore according to the OI Principle she is to be considered a very evil person. She is not a good person.

The OI Principle doesn't state what opportunity is defined to be. We, you and I, define what opportunities are each generation of new humans. The OI Principle just states that every single person has equal opportunity importance. Quality of life is the new contract now and forever...or at least until survival is no longer assured and we are back to a human race again.

The OI Principle when implemented states that no religion and no moral single code can can exist for all human beings.  People are different and will require different opportunities. The OI Principle assures that we collectively strive to provide distinct differing opportunities to the best of our collective abilities. That is our mutual social contract.

The OI Principle is not the only right defined by Irreni. But it answers a question raised by the county clerk of Kentucky and that will be chasing us all as time marches on: should we humans converge on some super list of morals, rights and plans culminating in a singular world view?
We should maximize moral relativity using the OI Principle as the foundation: opportunity importance for all. Different groups of people can have juxtaposed relative morals that each considers evil relative to the other but where denying opportunity importance is considered evil by all. So shall we all say:  the county clerk of Kentucky is evil. 


Think disruption!

Empathy for all!

Moral relativity: think it, breath it!

Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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