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B.U.I.L.D. 2015 Leadership For Responding to the Paris Attacks.

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If I were the President of the United States this blog post represents the leadership I would give after the Paris Attacks.

I begin with a graphic that puts the challenge of today in correct form of technology versus evolution:

Some have framed the Paris attacks as a clash of civilizations. I believe that framing is wrong. The correct framing of the Paris attacks is a growing gap between the pace of technological change and the ability of the brain to accommodate that change. It is somewhat understandable from people who should no better to frame this as a clash between western civilization and Islamic civilization.

The reason I say somewhat understandable is that Western culture is changing so fast today that during the time it takes to measure and classify Western culture then the Western culture will have changed to make those measurements and classifications meaningless.

We have yet to scratch the surface of understanding the ramifications on the human body and human brain that all the technology over these last one-hundred years have introduced. And since the advent of the information age when the Internet was made public the rate of change has grown exponentially faster.

We need leadership that can stand up and identify the source of the problem and then provide solutions. The American people are desperate for solutions.

Modern leadership needs to reconcile the slow pace of evolution with the rapid change of technology as it impacts the brain.

Today modern leadership is impotent. Modern leadership can be summed up in one sentence. Say what is safe as determined by polling. Even the most outrageous claims of the most outrageous candidates are just telling people what they want to hear and they are not leading.

Irreni World Scale is a framework from which to build modern leadership. Irreni is an acronym that means innovation replaces revolution, engineering not ideology. B.U.I.L.D. is an acronym that means build up innovation and love daily.

These acronyms are leadership acronyms designed to help you remember what the objectives of modern leadership are.

Innovation replaces revolution signifies that the seven-billion Earthlings today live in a technological era that cannot be destroyed by a revolution or millions and billions of people will suffer and die. We must innovate.

Engineering replaces ideology signifies that ideology cannot hold up to an environment that is rapidly changing. Any ideology one cares to bring to the table today will be based on a set of assumptions that technology will make obsolete tomorrow.

B.U.I.L.D. is a reminder of the pace that we need to innovate and love daily. We cannot sit still.

The Irreni solutions are based on reconciling evolution with technology within our brains.

Below is another graphic the showed up shortly after the Paris attacks of Nov. 13th, 2015:

Americans are deeply divided today about what to do about Paris:
  1. Born to kill.
  2. Peace.
Those two options appeared as graffiti on the helmet of a reporter in the movie "Full Metal Jacket".

 America is deeply divided about what to do about the Syrian refugees:

  1. Let none in.
  2. Let more in.a
These divisions can be linked to party lines: conservative versus liberal. Further these divisions can be linked to evolution lines: human nature changes slowly versus an environment that changes rapidly.

Leadership today needs to address the growing gap between conservatives and liberals caused by the rapid rate of change of technology.

Conservatives justly focus on human nature slowly changing. Religion and tradition are not suppose to change quickly because humans do not change quickly.

Liberals justly focus on technology quickly changing our environment. Liberals are always experimenting with new ways to adapt human nature to our new reality.

Both sides, conservative and liberal, are justified in objectives. Both sides are incomplete in their focus.

If we are not careful in this country there will be a civil war of some sort between liberals and conservatives precisely because the stress of the pace technological change is not being managed with relation to the pace of evolution.

Irreni World Scale manages these opposing rates of change. Irreni World Scale manages the pace of evolution with the pace of technology.

It is for this reason that Irreni is a framework and not a constitution. Irreni represents a framework upon which the next U.S. Constitution should be built. But we can start the work of Irreni today before we split even further apart as a country.

How? How does Irreni World Scale address this split between evolutionary pace and technological pace?

Irreni closes the gap by managing empathy. In my last blog post I made a short case that religion is not the source of morality. It never has been and it never will be. The source of morality is our own, flawed, imperfect empathy. It is our imperfect empathy that is the cause for Christians of this country to be morally polar opposites on all the big issues: abortion, capital punishment, guns, immigration, war and finances.

Irreni World Scale manages empathy at a world scale, not a national scale. Realize we are talking about our world scale response to what happened in Paris. Our American empathy needs to be managed at a world scale. What are we going to do about Paris and what are we going to do about the Syrian refugees? What is our American empathy response? What is our American moral response?

Solution One: Six-degrees Voting

You can't know seven-billion people on this planet. You can't know 300-million people in this country. I live in California and I can't know 30-million Californians? In fact we can only know around one-hundred people in our life-times. From an evolutionary time-line perspective we only ever got to know the people in our tribe.

Irreni World Scale then brings back the concept of a tribe as a unit of people. You vote for who you know. The people you know are the people you are best likely to trust correctly, the best use of your empathy. The people you don't know like today's political candidates are the people you are worst likely to trust correctly.

Six-degrees voting states that you can only vote for people you know, people in your tribe. A Canadian professor did research last century to show that there is at most six-degrees, or six people, separating any two individuals on planet Earth.

Six-degrees voting represents the first step at healing the conservative-liberal divide. Everyone knows everyone indirectly by at most six-degrees separation. Our empathy can work with a number as small as six.

Solution Two: Public Voting

Public voting requires real leadership because polls show 90% of the people are against having their votes made public.

The times have changed. In an evolutionary setting where people were locked into their tribe then someone only ever knew the people within their tribe. Private voting allowed people to avoid persecution of a vote cast

In a modern setting the world is your oyster. You can move at any time, almost anywhere. You can much easier find your tribe today than any time in history because so many more tribe choices are available via the Internet.

Further, social media and mass communication means that hiding your political beliefs and views is nigh impossible. In other words, you are already publicly voting in everything but actual vote casting. Everyone in your family and social network already knows how you lean politically. How you lean politically is all the cause needed for persecution, making the actual vote a moot point. If people are going to persecute you for your political views then they are already doing it. A public vote isn't going to change that.

Six-degree voting also takes the persecution edge off. Six-degrees voting means you only vote for who you know and you are not directly voting for a particular candidate.

Six-degree voting requires public voting so we can all see the six-degree connections.

Solution Three: Corruption Voting

Corruption is problem today that needs no argument because everyone is aware of it and agrees corruption is a problem that will bring down the United States, possibly soon.

What is being corrupted though? The answer? Our empathy is being corrupted.

The founders knew corruption was a problem and partly addressed it. The did so by setting up a system of checks and balances. If the President was corrupted the Congress could check the President. The Judicial Branch checks the Congress and President. The President checks the Congress by veto and checks the Judicial Branch by making appointments.

The founders knew corruption was a problem and partly did not address it:
"Whoa be the day the voters realize they can vote themselves money." -John Adams
The founders had no answers to voters voting themselves money, Irreni does and it is called corruption voting.

Corruption voting also depends on public voting. Corruption voting allows people to be paid for their vote directly under one condition: the payment is also made public.

Public record of vote payments essentially starts an auction war. Rich people will cancel each other out by trying to outspend each other on buying votes.

Rich people cancelling each out happens already today. The do so via advertisement. It is estimated that roughly $5,000,000,000 will be spent in the 2016 campaign. Democrats and Republicans cancel each other out in a spending race.

Irreni corruption voting takes the money currently spent on campaigns and puts that money in your pocket.

How does corruption voting manage the corrupting of an elected Democracy by people voting themselves money? Irreni manages corruption by flipping the consequences of voting money on its head. Inherently people do not understand scale, especially large scale. Today the people vote for people who will give them money and they do not understand the national impact of that. When voting corruption is made legally then people will take the immediate payment and spend it as they see fit. The human defect in empathy of scale is neutralized by direct payment.

Won't the rich be able to buy elections? This idea was true back in the day. We don't live back in the day. We live in the day when there are millions of millionaires and hundreds of billionaires.

Irreni World Scale is of a time. These solutions such as corruption voting rely on modern technology. This brings me to the next leadership solution: technology.

Solution Four: Device of Life and the Data Center on the Moon

All the above voting ideas can only be realized if everyone has access to smart phones. Irreni calls smart phones the Devide of Life (DOL). The differences between just a smart phone and a DOL are that 1.) everyone on planet Earth gets one for life and 2.) the DOL is connected to the Data Center on the Moon.

The Device of Life is simply a smart phone that has voting applications that implements six-degrees voting, public voting and corruption voting. However, information needs to reside in a neutral place far away from the hands of quick, easy fixing. Therefore the DOL is required to connect to the Data Center on the Moon.

The Data Center on the Moon is meant to be an Earth Public space where everyone has access to all the world's public information.

Scale Your Empathy, Scale The World

Americans are never going to come together in today's current political environment without leadership that addresses the fundamental problem of the ever growing gap between the slow pace of human nature change and the ever faster pace of technological change. Americans are never going to come together in today's current political environment without leadership that addresses the fundamental problem of the ever growing gap between the empathy of conservatives and the empathy of liberals. Conservatives are going to continue to hunker down and liberals are going to continue to experiment on adapting to technology.

We must find ways to come together as a people.  Irreni World Scale represents one solution. A solution that begins by acknowledging that failed, frail, limited human empathy is the source of our morality and not religion. Irreni is solution that then takes steps to manage our small-scale personal empathy within a world scale stage.

Irreni World Scale is real leadership that is needed to answer the questions: what do we about Paris and what do we do about the Syrian refugees as Americans, together? We begin by starting the slow, hard work of bringing Americans together as Americans. If we fail to to do this then whatever immediate solution is chosen by the President then that solution will further cleave America in two, albeit the solutions is to let the Syrians in, to keep the Syrians out, to wage all out war on ISIS or to wage tactical war on ISIS. Our collective empathy, or collective morality is the first problem we Americans need to solve.


Demand Irreni World Scale!

Think disruption!

Empathy for all!

Moral relativity: think it, breath it!

Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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