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Irreni Solutions vs Trump Phenomena

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News for profit has finally taken its toll on culture.

Much is being made these days about Donald Trump. Why is he even a thing? Calling Mexicans rapists should have been a gaff that easily should dismissed him from serious political serious consideration back in June?

The problem is that we can't "science the shit out it" as Matt Damon did in the movie, "The Martian." The gap between reason and science is the unknown. Reason is required when science falls short. Reason is collection of assumptions,  observations, correlation, existing science, logic, analysis and speculation.

Irreni World Scale is about solutions. So let's do that.

Trump Phenomena Irreni Solution

Everyone analysing the Trump phenomena is using reason founded on very little science. That is because the science of culture is poorly understood. All reasons being given today as to why the public is enamored with Trump are based on little, if any, science.

The solution is to recognize that all of that rationalizing about the Trump phenomena is far more speculation than fact, more guessing than science.

Therefore, the Irreni World Scale solution to the Trump phenomena is a conservative one: to use tradition.

The Irreni solution is that tradition should be used in lieu of any proven science. 
  1. Specifically the tradition of treating news as a loss center and not a profit center is a tradition we should return too. 
  2. In addition the fairness doctrine should be re-established. 
  3. Finally, the Telecommunications Act that deregulated ownership of media outlets needs to be repealed and this country needs to go back to any one company only being able to own at most three media outlets in an media market. 

Trump Phenomena Irreni Discussion

No political solution put forward today is is anywhere near as progressive as Irreni. The Irreni platform is intended not only to put politics today on a level footing with today's technological advancements, but is also meant to scale in time, to scale in size to the entire world population indefinitely into the future.

No one is making that political claim except Irreni.

So why would the most progressive platform recommend tradition?

Tradition's Role Explained

Why does tradition matter?

Tradition is trial-and-error of finding known paths that work. They will not work for all, they may not even work for most, but traditions work well enough for the human species to survive.

Tradition since the dawn of man has been about finding a good path. A single path. A known path of social morals and understandings that are proven to enable us to survive. Tradition is not about truth, but survival based on trial-and-error.

Then science came along a few hundred years ago. And when it did science started illuminating paths unknown. Once the unknown is known then multiple paths are exposed where tradition has only one response.

Gay marriage is one such case of science undermining tradition. Gay marriage was disparaged because the one known path was one-man and one-woman defines marriage. But then science comes along and says in fact gay parents are no different than non-gay parents. Children raised by gay parents are no different than children raised by non-gay parents. Science says that being gay is determined early in life and not communicable. Science says we don't have to worry about everyone becoming gay, leaving no humans left to breed.

In computer science we liken this avoiding bad paths as opposed to using one positive path as choosing a black list versus a white list respectively.

I co-own a company and I'm responsible for the cyber security. In cyber security one necessarily needs to decide: do I use a white list or a black list for security?

A white list example would be adding IP addresses to a firewall white list that only allows known known IP addresses to log into servers as a system administrator. This makes sense because managing the white list is easy enough to do for a two-man company like The GMU. The set of addresses managed in the white list is small, less than twenty.

A black list example would be a corporate web proxy. Most corporations use a black list for cyber-security of web proxies. Why? Because the number of web sites people use from behind a corporate firewall is large,  unknown and changes minute-by-minute. Therefore the only practical solution for a web proxy is to use a blacklist of known bad web sites. You can buy these black lists off the web itself and update daily.

Science enacted as public policy can be thought of science providing confidence avoiding bad paths rather than relying on one path.

For example drinking water, aka tap water, is scientifically treated and tested. Not every bad thing that is in the water is known, but scientists are confident we know enough that the tap water is safe to drink for the most part. Our very lives every day depend on science understanding the bad paths in the water supply well enough that we have freedom to drink tap water anywhere in the country. We depend on this science every day.

Drinking water is called potable water. What happened in Flint Michigan? Was Flint Michigan a case of failed potable water? Well, we already know the answer. The toxic lead levels were covered up as well as was the Legionnaire’s disease cases. It wasn't until an citizen hired an independent lab did the cover-up become exposed. Flint was a failure of politics, not science.

Science has given us so much freedom to fly safely, drive safely, drink water safely and so on that it is hard to imagine possibly why tradition plays a role today.

But tradition does. Tradition still has a role. There are huge gaps in our scientific understanding. One of those gaps is in the science of human cultures. We have very little actionable science when it comes to managing millions of people.

Which brings us to Trump and the Trump phenomena. What to do? Hand wringing will do for a spell. But we need to take action? But what action? Science is mostly silent.

So, revert to tradition. Tradition represents known paths. And the known path in this case is for news. News that existed prior to Ronald Reagan and deregulation. The 1980s are going to go down in history as one of the most destructive American eras of politics. And that destruction may very well cost us this country.

The 1980s can be simply described as short-sighted political gains. The Savings and Loan bubble, the Dot Com bubble, the Real Estate Bubble and the Banking bubble all can be traced back to the deregulation that was started in 1980s under Ronald Reagan. And we can't blame Reagan. Reagan himself was too much the dullard to understand even a smidgen of what was going on. Democrats and Republicans alike have been feeding at the trough of short-term gains since 1980.

Trump Phenomena Irreni Solution Explained

In the face of little science we can fall back on tradition, however crappy,  if the past is better. Trump would have never succeeded in the 1970s.

Tradition says we re-regulate the news, we re-regulate telecommunication and media industries back the way they were. Science says that cultural shifts take multiple-generations that the hate culture of today will take time to unwind.

I have no more science claiming AM hate radio is to blame than any other pundit espousing reasons behind the Trump phenomena. However, I am different in proposing a solution. As stated above, my own opinion is that news for profit has poisoned the American political well. No lie or truth has any value today unless that news sells: click bait.

My own opinion is that after the Fairness doctrine was repealed conservative media drove straight by the "Liberal Bias" road sign and went right straight to Hell via the "Conservative Hate" road sign.

Conservative media of all brands, makes and models calls liberals "unpatriotic" and use other hate speech. The vitriol of conservative media is so thick it can't even be cut with a knife. One needs a chain saw. Right-wing media hates. And conservative media hates with a passion.

Personally I have always been a split voter, one part liberal and one part conservative. However, it has become impossible over these last forty years to find any untainted conservative media where William F. Buckely Jr. started "The National Review" in 1949. Today, sadly, "The National Review" is a hate cesspool.

There is no doubt that national media before the time of the Fairness Doctrine's repeal had a liberal bias. But bias is not hate. The right-wingers hate Obama and they hate liberals.

Well, guess what. That hate rooster has come home to roost. And his name is Donald Trump.

While it is true that we have little actionable science with respect to culture, we do have some. One thing we do know is that changing cultural is a long game, multi-generational. Conservatives do not get this. This is why conservatives have no empathy for minority communities. Conservatives erroneously believe that culture has no long term duration on minority communities. However, Conservatives do believe this is a Christian Country and the this culture has a long-term duration in this one regard. Conservatives are complete hypocrites when it comes to culture's long term impact.

So, where do we find ourselves today? We've had a couple of generations of conservative hate media and now we are seeing the fruits of that labor: Donald Trump.

Trump Phenomena Irreni Solution, Once More With Feeling

In the previous section I offered some reasons as to why the Trump phenomena exists. However, my reasons are no less suspect than those offered by any other pundit out there. Why? Because the science of culture is little-to-non-existent. In the face of limited science then we rely on reason for understanding. Reason that is easily skewed by one's bias.

However, having said my reasons are no more scientifically accurate than any other persons, the solution is. The solution is to fall back on tradition.

Conservatives have proven they cannot be responsible with media. It is time to take their toys away from them. No more hate speech. No more owning more than three media outlets in a market. Back to the fairness doctrine. Back to news being a loss center and not for profit. Back to liberal bias journalism.

Demand Irreni World Scale!

Think disruption!

Empathy for all!

Moral relativity: think it, breath it!

Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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