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Irreni Solutions: Anti-Theism = Feminism

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Irreni is not about political punditry. Irreni is about political solutions. Today's political solution is:

Anti-theism is Feminism

There were a couple of political moments that came up this week that motivated today's post.  One was a feminist video that popped up on Huffington Post and the other moment was Hillary Clinton's answer in the Democratic debate as to what she prayed for.

In this blog post I'm going to expose advertising as an easy punching bag for feminists and then redirect religion as the harder but better punching bag.

First up is this video of treating women as objects I encountered on the Huffington Post:

#IStandUp Against the Harm Caused By Objectification of Women in Advertising

In computer science we have a rule, called Amdahl's law. Amdahl's law simply stated says, "Optimizing 90% of 10% is only optimizing 9% overall". There is rule of thumb in software engineering based one Amdahl's law: make the common case fast. This video violates Amdahl's law, the target only represents a small fraction of how women are being objectified.

The problem I have with the #IStandUp campaign is not the objective, but the easy, convenient target. Why pick on the advertising industry? They represent only a really tiny sliver of how women are objectified.  Who is the big player? Religion.

But I get it. Being an anti-theist and denouncing religion for the tyranny, oppression and systemic objectification of women means fighting a real battle. Who is going to defend advertising? Advertising agencies are an easy target. Everyone has disdain for them. However, that's not real courage. Real courage is going after the biggest reason of women being objectified:  religion.

I became an atheist and anti-theist when I was 14, 1976, two-hundred years after the founding of this country. In that year I decided no power can be a planet killer and be good. To me the story of Noah's Ark is a story of the most heinous, evil power ever put to fiction, especially because that power goes on to claim the ultimate mantle of good when having done the ultimate evil. No wonder the Bible has warnings for people not to be deceived by a devil claiming to be good, their god does evil. 

As I embarked on being an anti-theist I started reading women writing on feminism. Turns out that back in the 1970s the feminists were onto the root cause of female objectification. The root of all female oppression was patriarchy established by religion. Women were property to be bartered and given away. The menstrual cycle was considered evil dirty. I could go on. The point is that women made the first anti-theist arguments I started formally reading in my teenage years.

Women became not only atheists, but anti-theists as part of the feminist movement. God the Father was out.

All of this brings me to Hillary Clinton. If Hillary Clinton truly were a feminist then she would be an anti-theist and anti-patriarchy.

Hillary during this week's Democratic debate was asked by a member of the audience, "What do you pray for, who do you pray for?" Hillary gave a really no-nothing answer. So I thought I would give the answer for Hillary on her behalf, that is if she were truly a feminist.

My do-over on Hillary's response:

"I stand before you today as feminist, a strong feminist who believes that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. Further I believe that there has been nothing more oppressive, objectifying and terrifying for women than religion, and specifically the patriarchy established by religion. Therefore, today I am coming out not only as an atheist, but an anti-theist who strongly opposes religion because religion since its inception has been the largest influence in history of oppressing and objectifying women. If you are a women and you pray then you are participating in a system that has oppressed women for thousands of years. Enough, I say. I hope you join me in standing up for women's rights and in doing so equally oppose the systemic patriarchy of most every religion of any significance that exists on planet Earth today."

Of course Hillary didn't say this. Hillary truly believes herself to be a Christian and would never say this. However, the fact remains one cannot be a feminist and also be religious.

Apologists for religion today try and silence us anti-theists by theorizing that even if the stories of religion are not true then it should not matter because overall religion has been benefited humanity. Poppycock. I always liked that word, Poppycock. Too bad it never made it in the popular vernacular state-side.

Poppycock. There are so many areas where religion has enacted the most vile, evil and wicked of treatment of people as is humanly possible. One such wickednes is treating women like property and second-class citizens whose main value is baby-factories. Another area where religion has been totally evil is religion's treatment of homosexuals. Thomas Jefferson wrote of the United State's engaging in slavery, "Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever." Yes, and if there were a god that created this universe then the treatment of homosexuals by religion would also be a justice that cannot sleep forever. If I believed there was a god then the very first myth story would be the slaying and infinite torture of the Christian god for the systemic persecution of women, slaves and homosexuals. The only entity that deserves an infinite hell of torture is the very Christian god who created it and deservedly so for the oppression of women, commanding slaves obey their masters and ordering the stoning of homosexuals.

Sadly, since the 1970s the movement of women to obtain equal rights by opposing patriarchy religion has faded away.

But there was one champion that I am aware of who did make public appearances promoting anti-theism as the optimal form of promoting women. That person was Christopher Hitchens.

Christopher Hitchens before he died wrote books on anti-theism and as part of his book tours would regularly debate Christian apologists. Christopher was often asked that if he would actively oppose religion legally. He always answered no. Hitchens was a strident secularist. Hitchens believed freedom of religion is must in any society. Hitchens, like myself, also believed trying to outlaw religion is analogous to outlawing ignorance and stupidity: it can't be done. However, Christopher went on to say the best way to eliminate religion was to not to oppose religion directly, but indirectly by  educating women. Science via statistics has shown that everywhere women are educated then women prosper, the world prospers, birth rates go down and religiosity goes down. Yes, one proven way to diminish religion is to empower women that then undermines the patriarchy required by religion. Hooray!

So, Hillary Clinton. So, women in general. Are you a feminist willing to take on religion? If so than the very best effort to promote a healthy culture for women is not videos opposing advertising objectifying women, but rather efforts worldwide to educate all women. Science has shown the educating women works.

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