Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump vs Gay Marriage Acceptance

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How can the rise of gay marriage acceptance and the rise  of Trump exist in the same country? What's going on? We cannot be both less bigoted and more bigoted can we? The acceptance of gay marriage in this country is a glass-half-full hope for humanity being less-bigoted in America. The public appearance of racism and bigotry during the Trump campaign is a glass half-full. What to think?

It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either.
        --Mark Twain

Welcome to America. Or rather, welcome to humanity. While the specifics of the topic may be American the aspects of human nature are universal.

At the crux of this seeming paradox is identity versus survival.

We do not have the free will but we believe we do and this is problematic when it comes to our identity and survival; who we think we are. Scientifically we know that at least 50% of the human race retains the religion of their birth. And yet by-and-large we believe we freely chose our religion. I bring this up simply to point out that cognitive dissonance is strong in humans and this fact leaves us vulnerable to people who can capitalize on it. We believe our religious choice is free will but in fact our religious choice is simply heritage, culture and upbringing.

Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed.
        --Mark Twain

American cognitive dissonance is being manipulated between voting for being well-fed and voting for principles.  If one reads the history of the Tea Party on Wikipedia then one can trace directly a history where a political party movement started out to vote ones wallet but ended up voting for the likes of Michele Bachman and Mike Pence. What? Is Mike Pence a Tea Party candidate of financial interests or a religious zealot a la Michele Bachman style?

What happened? What happened is that the political parties and the media do not depict the Tea Party as a financial interest movement. No, they depict the Tea Party as a crazy religious movement. Damn the political parties and complicit media for manipulating this.

The lesson here is that political parties and the media are experts at pitting our interests of being well-fed against our interests of principle identity. Political parties do this because they exist to manipulate the interests of the many against the needs of the few in favor of the few.

The political manipulation and cognitive dissonance exploitation doesn't stop at just life-boat ethics; the manipulation of cognitive dissonance is also built on a foundation of the religious cognitive dissonance. Political parties use this dissonance to promote that people of different religions are bad by simply making bad choices as opposed to the reality of a different religion is a childhood upbringing for everyone. People do the right thing in spite of religion applies to all religions. People do the wrong thing because of religion applies to all religions.

Irreni World Scale is about solutions and not punditry. The solution in this case is a scientific answer. The answer to the gay marriage versus Trump apparent conundrum can be scientifically understood in terms of cognitive dissonance; specifically the cognitive dissonances of principles-versus-survival, religious choice versus religious upbringing. Now that you know this then you can check your own cognitive dissonance: are you being manipulated?

America is the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world and yet many feel we are at great risk as a country and that our identity as America is seriously in peril? To whit, the outspoken racists and bigots supporting Trump have always been with us the entire history of this country, but their public voice has not. Therefore it is not a contradiction that we are becoming both less bigoted and more bigoted. No. We are in fact becoming less bigoted as gay marriage shows. However, the bigots we do have are now more vocal publicly because they feel threatened. That public voice is coming to the fore precisely because Trump supporters feel their survival is at risk. Do away with the perceived survival risk and the racists and bigots will go back to being silent in public. If we can make that happen then the rise of acceptance in America will continue for gays, atheists and even Muslims.  Hooray! 

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