Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Joy!

Hi! Happy Election Day!

Today we are having an American melt-down, an Ash versus the Evil Dead level of anxiety...

Ash vs. Evil Dead

 Irreni recommends:
Try Buddhism,

or, or, cut off your hand and strap on a chainsaw! :-0
Wait, what? Why is Irreni recommending a non-scientific solution?

It's true, Irreni is about science. However, any government solution is a human management solution. Human management solutions for which the science today is still very early on. So we still need to manage unknowns and sometimes those unknowns have well established practices handed down through the ages that work simply based upon trial-and-error.

I don't have anxiety about this election...because I practice Buddhism. In fact I don't have anxiety about anything out of my control. I never worry about things out of my control.

Why not?

Because in my early twenties I discovered the practice of Buddhism. Key word here is practice. I'm still an atheist and a militant anti-theist. I do not believe in anything supernatural.

See the thing is that Buddhism represents something no western religion could ever dream up: discipline and exercise of self-control. Where the 12 step program just tells you to have the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, Buddhism actually gives you the tools.

Discipline: there's a four letter word for you. Exercise is another. That's like work. As opposed to say, praying. Oh Buddhism teaches prayer as well, but that is not what is being recommended here. What's being recommended here are only the exercises like meditation that discipline the mind.

Buddhism represents  real-world mental exercises such as meditation that produce real-world results. Nothing supernatural about it.

In fact, Buddhism contains within its teachings multiple ways to achieve the same ends. Because, as we all know, one size does not fit all. It even says in the manual, "WARNING: if this doesn't work or is harmful for you then don't continue."

Meditation, yoga, visualization, and breathing techniques are just some of the ways to discipline your emotional state.

In other words, Buddhism is about growing the fuck up and so that you quit catering to your fucking impulsive emotions.  :-)

Here's the ironic thing. There isn't a single tradition, a single practice, in the western religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam worth keeping. Not one. Western religions offer nothing of value to the non-religious. There isn't a single practice of the Christianity I was raised with that I practice in my daily life. Western religions are utter garbage at best.

On the other hand, Buddhism and eastern religions when stripped down of all the mysticism, tradition and supernatural crap represent real discipline and exercise with real world benefits.

Buddhism and eastern philosophy teach the following emotional states have no value. Here's a list of the some of the negative energies:
  1. hate
  2. low self-esteem
  3. anxiety
  4. guilt
  5. fear
  6. anger
  7. stress
In other words, the objective of the discipline and exercise of Buddhism is to remove the items in that list completely from your mind as much as possible.

I started practicing Buddhist disciplines in my early twenties, right as I moved to California from Indiana. Driving in California is a lot more stressful than driving in Indiana. I wanted to remove that driving stress so I put my Buddhist practices to the test. My ultimate solution, i.e. not the first attempt, was a video game visualization. Whenever I drive I now visual the objective as winning a video driving game. I score points whenever I avoid cars that try to hit me. I transitioned from stress to reward. I transitioned from the stress of anger and cussing at people for cutting me off to new rewards given to myself for avoiding the collision. I'm drive safely without stress and always enjoy myself. I love driving no matter how bad the drivers.

And here's the thing, I'm the better driver for it.

Buddhism has long taught that hate, low self-esteem, anxiety, guilt, fear, anger and stress do not produce the healthy mental state required to make decisions; and further these emotions do not produce the optimal state of mind to achieve ones best effort. Buddhism gives you the tools to use your mind. And that's cool.

My mind is clear in this election year. Is yours? I have no election 2016 fear. Do you? It is not a matter of blissful ignorance  but disciplined mental conditioning so as to accomplish accepting the things I cannot change...with Serenity:

Try Buddhism. Just the discipline and exercises. Strip out the supernatural, traditions and mysticism. You may find that works for you if you find yourself stressed on this election day about things out of your control. And if not? Then just walk away.

Or try Yoga. :-) Try Yoga.

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Welcome to the 21st century!

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Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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