Monday, January 2, 2017

Thinking Smarter

Hi! Happy New Year!

First blog post of the year 2017 is a simple tip: think human nature.

Remember, Irreni World Scale is about bringing you solutions, not punditry.

Tip: Think human nature not free will.

  1. It is human nature that corruption is politics. Plato in his book "The Republic" describes this nature. Good people won't compromise their ethics and because of this good people will not enter politics. This was true in 60 BC and 2,000 years later is still true today. Good people in politics is an anomaly that has to be promoted. Cicero wrote about it, John Adams adopted it, this philosophy, and created a system of checks and balances that allows corruption and enables good people. This system, however, has finally been overwhelmed and is failed.
  2. It is human nature that the US government has been overwhelmed with corruption. Financial success breeds greed which breeds corruption.  The middle class in the US is on the decline. There has been a massive shift in wealth from the middle class to the ultra-rich since 2000. The collapse of Enron in 2001 in a single year, which had been a Fortune 3 company, was the financial shot heard around the world. Enron represented the harbinger of corruption things to come.
  3. It is human nature that desperate times call for desperate measures. Trump would have never been elected by any other previous generation of Americans, he is too disrespectful. But it is not about Trump. Not at all. It is about an act of desperation by a middle class that sees no alternative. Which considering Star Wars and Rogue One's message of hope is rather telling that we are slowly coming out of our denial that the US government no longer functions. It is time to move on.
  4. It is human nature for those in power to distract with shiny things. The French revolution, off with their heads!, is the exception not the rule. Generally speaking political distraction works and the rich stay in power. Keep the population distracted with religion, partisan politics or some combination of both and this allows the rich to keep on keeping on. They take no consequential blame. We can expect deepening partisan politics with  deepening religious issues in 2017 and years to come. It is human nature. There is a direct correlation between the amount of government corruption with political distraction in corrupted systems.
  5. It is human nature to project our behavior onto others. The golden rule has been found to be common in every society in anthropology. The problem with the golden rule is that while it works okay for small homogeneous culture tribes up until about oh, say the year 1900, the golden rule quickly falls apart with wildly varying demographics. Today the Internet exposes us all to the entire spectrum of human cultures and behavior. Do unto others by projecting our behavior onto others is much too simplistic. The golden rule needs to be replaced with the new Irreni, information rule:  do unto others as they are, not as you are.
  6. It is human nature to be us versus them, insider versus outsider. My brother is a devout Christian, a Jehovah Witness. He is not a back seat Christian. At one time he was on track to be a church leader. His best and only argument against my atheism was human nature itself: religion has been found to exist in every culture known to humans. Touche. Now the question is why? There is no one, single reason people are religious. But one thing all religions have in common is the notion of  insider versus outsider, us versus them. It is in our human nature. Today's partisan politics is programmed to exploit us-versus-them human desire. People want to belong to groups. Yeah! for our sports team!  It is our nature. The question with any nature behavior is what's healthy? Has our new found love of hyper-partisan politics been healthy for America?
  7. It is human nature that intellectual capacity varies. It is true that intelligence requires intellectual capacity, but it is not true the intellectual capacity means intelligence. Intelligence requires education.
  8. It is human nature that birds of a feather flock together. Science fiction writers have long speculated the those with both intellectual capacity and correlating intelligence will flock together. They will also be a minority by simple human nature math: the top 1% in capacity can do exception things but only as 1%. This causes tension in any government like a democracy that is dependent on the popular, average intelligence vote making decisions as opposed to the best intelligence decision. The book "Dune" by Frank Herbert  is one such excellent book on this topic. Science Fiction writers are supposed to speculate on possible solutions. However, even Frank Herbert couldn't find a way out of this particular quicksand. Most science fiction writers end up at dystopia as a sermon warning us of the outcome of the human behavior but not supplying us with any speculative solutions, ergo Irreni.
Irreni World Scale for your Happy New Year works with human nature and manages it. All of our current political problems today are simply a result of human nature. The current US Constitution and government today is not equipped, adequate or sufficient to the task. We need to admit it is time to change, we need to admit our human nature at play and find better solutions for our changing world.

We need Irreni World Scale!


Voluntarily Reject Demagoguery!

Politics as Science!

Demand Irreni World Scale!

Anti-theism is feminism!  

Think disruption!

Empathy for all!

Moral relativity: think it, breath it!

Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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