Sunday, January 29, 2017

We The People Are Accountable

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Today's topic is we the people are accountable. To this end we need modern communication tools, tools provided by Irreni World Scale.

Irreni World Scale is about solutions and not punditry.

Today's solution is about communication actually. Irreni World Scale is founded on the principle of practiced communication to resolve moral relativity differences in order create effective public policy. Specifically the communication tool solutions are the Device of Loving Life (DoLL) and the Vote Bank.

Donald Trump is not the problem. We are. We the people are accountable in a free country. How do we exercise and communicate our accountability? Traditionally the answer to that question was the media.

From its inception the Fourth Estate has always been suspect. Thomas Jefferson had his own newspaper that had an unfair advantage as it was published in multiple languages. The publisher was a Frenchman and a linguist who spoke seven languages. Boom!

Our foregoverners in the 20th century responded to yellow journalism by enacting the Fairness Doctrine. They also regulated media ownership where a corporation or person was limited to owning only three media outlets in any market. These regulations were not some liberal conspiracy to promote Democrats, but rather were media regulations put in place to combat yellow journalism, i.e. fake news  that is running rampant today. We removed these regulations.  We removed the regulation that news must be non-profit; and we are paying the price for forgetting lessons learned.

We the people are accountable for this. Our politicians either speak for us or we are not free.

Irreni World Scale replaces the media as our platform for moral compromise and public policy with the DoLL and the Vote Bank. Everyone on the face of the planet is provided with a smart phone. Every single one of us. One of the applications that makes this smart phone a DoLL is the Vote Bank. Direct voting takes place of polling. Why poll a sample when everyone can deposit a vote?

How would this DoLL and Vote Bank help out today?

Because the root cause for our political problems is us, we the people. We the people are accountable and yet we have no we defined civil way to communicate. Civil, by the way, just means "to live in cities", which by extension means "to live as large groups" as opposed to hunter-gatherer small tribes.

You and I need to have conversations, directly, no media in between. One way to accomplish this in a civil, large groups way is a vote bank. A vote bank is a place to deposit votes. Votes are public and permanently on display until they are changed.

By way of example I give you exhibit A, a chart showing terrorist deaths since after 9/11.

Many of us said after 9/11 that the War on Terrorism was mistake. We said the correct response would have been a police response, arrest those involved.

If we had the DoLL and Vote Bank back in 2003 then our votes would still be on display.

What the chart shows is that George Bush was correct. And by George Bush I mean George H.W. Bush and not his son, W. The first President Bush wrote a book after leaving office. In that book Bush wrote about why he did not overthrow Saddam Hussein. The reason was because their best intelligence had indicated that doing so would create such chaos that it would be "opening the gates of hell."

And opening the gates of hell we have, just look at the chart.

We have lost the war on terrorism. We have sent our soldiers to die and not only failed miserably and lost the war on terror, we have created a much, much, much worse problem. We disbanded the Iraq army, sent them home with all their weapons and they eventually became ISIS/ISIL. All that Syrian crap is on us. We destabilized the region by overthrowing Saddam. And Iraq? Iraq is hell. Not only did we open the gates of hell, we created one.

And we the people need to admit we failed.

The first step to healing is we the people need to admit we failed, completely, totally and irreparably. What is happening in Syria is a Sunni vs. Shiite war where the Sunni minority that once ruled Iraq is now at war with the Shiite.

George Washington encouraged us to restrain ourselves from foreign entanglements. Sadly, this has politically cast him as an isolationist. How could he be? Washington more than anyone knows it was the French who saved the day and won the war for us in Charleston. Washington was also personally heavy in foreign trade. What Washington was warning against was the kind of situation that existed between the British and France, perpetual war. What for us today has become a perpetual war on terror.

What Washington offered as advice turned out to be prophetic. Since WWII our foreign entanglements have been disasters of death. North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Somalia are just a few. The recent 50,000 Latin American children refugee crisis was a direct result of Reagan's meddling in Central American affairs.

My personal moral opinion after 9/11 of using police to respond was informed by America's 20th century history of military interventionist disasters after WWII.

We the people need to heal. We need to come together and admit we have failed, totally, in the war on terror. We need to admit this to ourselves and to the world. Then we need to decide what we want to do about it.

Punishing those who were caught in the crossfire is not a moral answer. What Trump is doing halting immigration from countries we destabilized is immoral for us as a people and is unconscionable. We created that disaster by letting loose the Iraqi army with all its weapons to become ISIS; a Sunni minority looking to regain power from the Shiite. Just last year the Sunnis slaughtered 600 Shiite prisoners in Iraq.

Yet we the people will never have this discussion in today's current media environment. We are in sore need of an upgrade. Facebook has proven two things: 1. we want to talk to each other directly and 2. Facebook fails at this.

We need a non-profit vehicle where the primary objectives are to communicate, not to make money off of ad revenue.

We need the DoLL and the Vote Bank, we need Irreni World Scale. We need to communicate and come together about who we really are.

We need Irreni World Scale!


Voluntarily Reject Demagoguery!

Politics as Science!

Demand Irreni World Scale!

Anti-theism is feminism!  

Think disruption!

Empathy for all!

Moral relativity: think it, breath it!

Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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