Chapter 2: Silicon Valley Innovation

Welcome to Irreni World Scale

By: Mybrid Trees Wonderful
Circa: 2016


This is the second chapter in what will be a book describing Irreni.

Chapter 2: Silicon Valley Innovation

As you have probably surmised from Chapter 1. this book is going to ask you to engage in free thinking for the expressed purpose of examining the US Constitution and the very concept of a constitution itself. However, free thinking only plays a supporting role compared to Silicon Valley thinking when it comes to Irreni. Free thinking is used to chip away at classic politics to allow us to explore 21st Century politics anew.

Irreni began when I asked myself, "can we apply the success of Silicon Valley thinking to politics?"

This book answers that question: yes we can!

Free thinking then is just an ice-breaker to move us to consider Silicon Valley thinking as it might apply to politics. Party ice, eh?! The ice in this case is a metaphor for frozen thinking or calcified thinking. If someone perceives the US constitution as near perfect or even worships at the alter of the US Constitution, then political  change will come slowly if at all. "Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul." - Mark Twain.

  1. Classic Thought: The square shape in the diagram is indicative of a holy reverence for the US Constitution: unassailable, inalienable rights endowed by our creator. Also the rigid square shape is indicative of the amendment process itself that is practically insurmountable.
  2. Free Thought: The arrow shape represents the flow from classic thought to silicon valley thought. Free thinking breaks up classic thought. 
  3. Silicon valley thought applies the innovative thinking of technology to politics. The cloud indicates innovation is constantly changing thinking enabled when change is made easy. 
Ere we last changed government types in 1776 Thomas Paine declared in his book that it was an "Age of Reason".

 Today, in 2016, this book is based upon a premise that we are in an Age of Innovation, sort of. By that I mean it doesn't quite ring true. The usage of the word "age" implies some long lasting era of eons, whereas innovation is fluid and ever changing. The words "age" and "innovation" then just don't go together and so the word "irreni" was coined.

irreni, n: 1. innovation replaces revolution, engineering not ideology

Revolution and ideology are two words that harken back to days of dogma and doctrine. Historically a revolution indicates a change from one lesser ideal era to a better ideal era. Revolution, even if just a change of leadership, is a promise starting with a better ideal.

Ideology is not scientific. The word ideology means an idealized set of untested coherent ideas where, to quote Nancy Pelosi, "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it – away from the fog of the controversy.” Ideology then is a "throw it against the wall and hope it sticks" approach. This is not science. Innovation is science. Sadly the "Age of Reason" government was still based on an ideology of a constitution with a bill-of-rights.

Silicon Valley thinking is a case of innovation replaces revolution, engineering not ideology. We in Silicon Valley don't work towards whole hog change of revolution. Oh sure there are leaps such as the iPhone, but even these are few and far between. But was the iPhone really a technical revolution? Lots of phones had apps before the iPhone. The iPhone just did a better job of delivering apps with a touch screen. So, not that big of leap. The iPhone was still innovation.

Ideology is a top-down coherent set of ideas that may or may not work when implemented. Engineering is a bottom up approach of applied ideas that are only put into practice when tested and proven.

Politics today could be described as a society comprised of a combination of ideological, top-down ideas married with bottom-up, engineering technology. The result has been massive corruption leading to total dysfunction.

The fundamental question before us today is this:

Q: Can we continue this approach of top-down ideology coupled with bottom-up technology?
A: No.

Irreni World Scale assumes the answer is no. Irreni World Scale believes there is no hope, none what so ever, to repair our current form of constitutional Democracy ever again. The US Constitution has reached the end-of-life. Further, Irreni World Scale assumes that the very notion of a constitutional government has reached the end-of-life.

These beliefs are presented as assumptions for these reasons:
  1. There already exists libraries of books about the failure of Democracy in America: another one is not necessary. 
  2. This  book is a possible solution of what happens after one has come to a conclusion the US government is irreparable. Irreni answers the question, "what next?" In other words, if you have done research and still believe we can fix our government in its current state, that constitutional government can still work, then Irreni is not for you and bye, Felicia. Adios! There are no arguments in this book being put forth to justify what's being assumed.
  3. Current political analysis paralysis is ideology bound. Ideological arguments are impossible to change due to doctrine and dogma. The failure of the US government to implement one's favored ideology is not seen as a failure of  the ideal itself to an ideologist; albeit the ideal is capitalism, federalism, Christian values, or the 2nd amendment. Irreni World Scale rejects ideology outright.

The reason engineering is far superior to ideology is that engineering has to prove it works first. New engineering feats are rolled out gradually and scaled out over time. Ideologies such as the US government put into place in 1798 then affect an entire population from day one without any testing whatsoever. This is not an experiment. Sometimes we refer to the US as "the great American experiment". It is not. Implementation is not experimentation. Implementation is the final thing. An experiment is a simulation in a controlled setting prior to implementation.

Innovation is incrementally improving processes where revolution simply swaps out one ideology for another and hopes for the best with the next unproven ideology. Therefore revolution and ideology have to go. Welcome to innovation and engineering! Welcome to Irreni World Scale.

In the next chapters we are going to journey together as to what innovation and engineering means to politics.

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