Chapter 1: Introduction to Free Thinking

Welcome to Irreni World Scale!

By: Mybrid Trees Wonderful
Circa:  2016


This is the first chapter in what will be a book describing Irreni.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Free Thinking

I am a free thinker.

I know, I know, I know what you're thinking. Who the hell pays for thinking? eh?

What is free thinking? Who is a free thinker?

Free thinking means challenge everything. As opposed to, say, free beer thinking. Free beer is wonderful, but free in "free thinking" in this case is not a beer case.

Going against group-think offends people and so perhaps you've heard free thinkers get miss-identified, like when you expect peanuts but get soy-beans in a bowl at some hotel bar. We get called things like contrarions, reductionists, cynics, rebels-without-a-cause, iconoclasts and sometimes atheists. Any of these may be true but they do not capture the essence of free thinking.

Free thinking starts free of emotional attachments to ideas. Free thinking rejects tradition because tradition cannot be challenged. Free thinking rejects group-think. Free thinking challenges expectations in an unfettered fashion.

Free thinking challenges expectations.

Now let us apply our new understanding of free-thinking to Irreni World Scale and talk about free thinking as it applies to the US Constitution.

The American story goes that when discussing the US Constitution everyone thinks it is a great piece of writing, a great work of government. The US Constitution is sacred to America and so calling the US Constitution a poorly written piece of crap will land a free thinker like myself in serious trouble.

But that's what we free thinkers do. We don't just accept things because of group think. We ask things like, "why is this thing so great?"

The US Constitution's greatness argument is simply that you cannot argue with the success. Period. The United States of America is the most successful nation ever and therefore the U.S. Constitution is responsible for that greatness. Every nation that has ever existed has had its evil, dark side just as the US has had with Native Americans and slavery. But, no nation has ever had the upside that the US has had. Boom! Mic drop! Unassailable argument! The US Constitution is great.

Pushwah! The problem with this argument is that correlation is not causation. To actually say the US constitution is the root cause of US success requires proof of causality.

And that's how one thinks like a free thinker.

In fact, as a free thinker one not only challenges the notion that the US Constitution is great, but that the very concept of a constitution is great. Can the constitution concept be improved on?

As a free thinker I answered the questions as thus:

Q: Is the US Constitution great?
A: No, it is weak tea at best.

Q: Can the constitution concept be improved on?
A: Yes.

Welcome to free thinking, and welcome to Irreni.

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