Foreward: Irreni World Scale

Welcome to Irreni World Scale

By: Mybrid Trees Wonderful
Circa: 2016


This is the Foreward in what will be a book describing Irreni.

Welcome! and Well met!

What is Irreni?

I was having sushi recently...a rather delightful dragon roll smothered in a creamy wasabi sauce I might add...where I was discussing Irreni with a friend. My friend kept comparing Irreni World Scale to the Marx communist manifesto. At first I just addressed the concerns point-by-point. Soon I became suspicious that perhaps my friend thought Irreni was a manifesto? I asked my friend if he thought Irreni was a manifest and he replied, "of course". Then the blood rushed from my face and I went pale. This is my worst nightmare. When I relayed how distraught I was, my friend suggested that perhaps a foreward for this book would help to explain quickly what Irreni is and what it is not, a manifesto.

So foreward ho!

What is Irreni? Irreni is defined to be a platform to innovate government at the pace of social science change. This is similar to the way technology currently keeps pace with physical science change.  The best way to think of how Irreni will play out is that Irreni will slowly dissolve existing governments. Historically governments are replaced in their entirety by a revolution, but not with Irreni. Today innovations for societal changes have almost insurmountable barriers due to our governments being of pre-Internet design. Irreni replaces the pre-Internet government designs with an Internet design.
The pace of technological advancement today is such that we have guided missiles and misguided men.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
In a nutshell, that's it. That's what Irreni is.

Irreni is not about creating a Utopia or a replacement ideology. Irreni is about applying science where it is not being used today.  Irreni looks to apply cognitive and social sciences of the day in real-time to society; one innovation at a time in a proven engineering fashion.

In one aspect my friend was correct to compare Irreni to a Marx manifesto.  Irreni World Scale is designed to eventually replace existing governments and include everyone on Earth, all seven-billion people.  However, Irreni is not a manifesto because Irreni itself is only a framework. Irreni is a framework for the perpetual improvement of science about humans. A manifesto, on the other hand, is an ideology proscribed from a perspective of a fixed point in time. This book cannot contain what the future will hold because science is always changing.  In fact "not ideology" is in the Irreni name.

 irreni, n: 1. an acronym of the words "innovation replaces revolution, engineering not ideology".

I prefer the use of "Irreni" or "irreni" for the acronym as opposed to IRRENI because in today's world ALL CAPS is a form of SHOUTING.

When I think about social change at a large scale then I too think of grand historical events such as the American Revolution just like my friend thought of Karl Marx. The American and Communist revolution have structural things in common. Both revolutions were attempts to address large-scale grievances of oppression. Democracy and Communism were structurally meant to solve social problems by taking one system and then enacting a total replacement with another government in one fell swoop. We call these total replacements revolutions.

Irreni is not a revolution. Irreni is platform to bring about social innovation. Irreni is about enabling innovation of incremental changes based on experiments. Experimental solutions are a combination of certain solutions of science  combined with with trail-and-error solutions of unknowns. As science advances then unknowns become knowns and solutions innovated to the latest science.

Now I'd also like to provide insight and motivation for the book.

Our collective human nature for solving social problems is commonly to compartmentalize them if we deal with them at all; we push societal problems out of sight. Prisons, foster homes, battered-wife shelters, mental hospitals, runaway-teen shelters, nursing homes, Native American reservations and ghettos are just some examples where "out of sight, out of mind" is our human nature in solving social problems. We also have serious social ills today with no solution at all. For example, twenty-three veterans commit suicide each day.  Also we have a new opioid epidemic with annual death rates at the same level as automobile accidents.

Irreni looks to manage these collective "out of sight, out of mind" solutions by dissipating them. Irreni will require us all to personally  interact with some aspect of our social problems in our day-to-day lives as new voluntary responsibility and new voluntary commitment. The notion is that if we personally have to face some drug addict or other social outcast daily then we will be highly motivated to fix the underlying problem and to innovate new solutions.


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