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What is Irreni?

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Irreni is a new form of government that is founded upon the science of human nature. Irreni replaces nations with teams, democracy with teams, all governments on planet Earth today with teams. Irreni is a planetary form of government and this is reflected in its name: Irreni World Scale. Irreni is scientifically designed to infinitely scale. This means Irreni can be used as a solar system government or a galaxy government and scale to trillions or trillions-of-trillions of people.

That's a mighty big claim considering today all of our nation states on Earth are failing.

So as to briefly explain Irreni I'm going to use a You are HERE! map marker. You are HERE! is a simple map marker that gives a simple frame of reference;
the map below tries to give an Irreni frame of reference by explaining where you are "here" today and where you are "here" tomorrow.

You are HERE! Map

Don't Panic!

Don't panic! Just putting that out there.








The World Upside Down

The You Are HERE! map of Irreni turns the current world on its head by taking away power from top and starting power at the bottom.

Upside Down History

How did we get HERE! today where 545 people rule 320 million? The United States of America is the first democracy in the western world and sadly our democracy was modeled after a monarchy, mostly in a rush after the revolutionary war to get a government going. The major differences being that President is elected where a king was an heir and further the President of the United States shares power equally with the judicial and legislative branches of government. The problem is that over time that power sharing is moot today. If you count the President, the 535 Senators and Representatives, and nine Supreme Court justices then what you get is a very small group of 545 people ruling 320 million people. The means 0.0017% of the population rules the rest. This formula of democracy power balance is failing everyone around the world. If we took all 545 power officials in Washington and made them kings then each kingdom would have 580,000 people. The smartest person in the world cannot rule 580,000 people and provide for them all.

Corruption Fundamentally Undermines Executive Power Pyramids

Corruption fundamentally undermines the Executive Power Pyramid shown in The You are HERE! map.  The fundamental problem with the United Nations, national governments, state governments, and local governments is that the Executive Power Pyramid concentrates too much power in the hands of the few. Corruption ensues. This is systemic problem that cannot be fixed, ever. Nothing can fix an executive power pyramid where power is designed to be corrupted by concentrating power. Changing leadership such as picking either Trump or Clinton will not fix the power corruption. The only difference picking either Trump or Clinton will make is how fast the United States will decline as well as how the decline manifests.

The executive power pyramid is flawed design. I'm an engineer. That means I look at systems, diagnose problems and fix them. Our government problems today are primarily due to the inherit corruption flaw of the executive power pyramid. Constitutional governments as they exist today have to change. All governments in the world need to be redesigned to forgo the Executive Power Pyramid.

The Corruption Solution: Teams, not Executives

Today the unit of power is the individual for a job and for the executive. That is to say we vote for individuals and a C.E.O. runs a company. In the Executive Power Pyramid the individual is at the top, i.e., the President, Governor, Mayor, C.E.O., land owner, etc. In the Executive Power Pyramid the individual is also the unit for a job.

Tomorrow with Irreni the team is the unit of power, the unit for hire, and the unit for governing.

This is how Teams play out.
  1. Teams are the unit of power. Teams are what we call governments today. 
  2. Teams are of size 30.
  3. Teams have a constitution just like the United States has a constitution.
  4. Teams have sovereign rights. 
  5. Teams print currency.
  6. Teams have supreme authority over team members.

You and your team have the power to make any constitution you want. The government size of 30 ensures your vote counts. This means no more will there be 320 million people voting for a candidate they don't know and only understand through a skewed lens of media.

Teams not Tribes

Historically government groups of 30 would be called tribes and tribalism has been shown to be evil. In Stephen Pinker's book, "The Better Angels of Our Nature", Pinker documents statistically that the 20th century represented a dramatic and historic decline in violence. This decline in violence correlates to a decline in tribalism. Tribalism then is like the Executive Power Pyramid: both represent failed power designs that resolve to violence, tyranny and oppression. Pinker's book demonstrates that tribalism is much worse than the Executive Power Pyramids when they are of democratic design. Therefore there is an extreme danger of replacing the Executive Power Pyramid of democracy with tribalism.

Irreni addresses problems of tribalism by using teams. The fundamental violence and tyranny inherent in tribes are inhibited by the following measures:
  1. Teams rely on a document, a constitution the same as democracy today.
  2. Teams are forced to change membership regularly.
  3. Teams are  monitored over the Internet for compliance with fundamental human rights.

 Irreni Technology Monitors Teams

Irreni is founded as a government based on the Internet. It is the first of its kind. The Internet is used to monitor information about compliance with basic human needs. Irreni requires that every person participating in a team be given a smart phone with special Irreni applications. These applications provide health and opportunity data to designated Irreni teams empowered to monitor team membership.

If any team in an Irreni system is not providing sufficient health-care, education and other fundamental requirements for human life then this information is used to disband and reconfigure Irreni teams. The same holds true for any team that turns to violence. Any team demonstrating violence can be immediately broken up and members re-assigned to different teams.

Irreni teams that would otherwise not be re-configured due to lack of  compliance would still have a mandatory 10% reconfiguration every two years so as to automatically break-up the group think that our human nature desires when we exist in tribes.

Team Dependence Enforces Sophisticated Human Rights

Gun rights? Abortion? There are many rights that are not basic and not universally agreed upon. Irreni calls these sophisticated rights. So, how do these sophisticated rights get managed without the Executive Power Pyramid?

I read somewhere that a jar of peanut butter on the grocery shelf today is touched by one million people by the time a jar lands on the grocery shelf. This statistic highlights that in the Internet era we are all mutually dependent at the million-person level for even the most basic of needs. Trade can be effectively used to lobby human rights.

Irreni enforces human rights compliance beyond the basic necessities by way of trade. Teams-of-teams can refuse to do business with any team given constitutional disagreement. For example, say the peanut butter team of a million people decide that peanut jars need to be returned to the peanut manufacturer. If it is found out that a team is out of peanut butter jar compliance then this team may be denied peanut butter.

Incorrect Rate of Government Change

So far in this document the only fundamental systemic problem identified with the Executive Power Pyramid has been corruption.

However, another fundamental problem with the Executive Power Pyramid is the rate of political change.

Why is the rate of political change so slow today? For example, why doesn't the US Constitution have a constitutional amendment determining  the proper use of nuclear weapons or whether to even have them? Because we are slow to change the constitution due to the inherit design of the executive power pyramid. Therefore nuclear weapon power today is left unchecked, solely in the hands of each President.

Classic politics teaches government doesn't need to change much because human nature doesn't change much. Humans are evolving organically much slower than technology is advancing. In other words, even though technology has changed rapidly since 1789, human nature is changing slowly at the pace of evolution, a pace of thousands and millions of years.

That's the current political thinking anyway. However, this thinking that human nature is changing slowly and ergo government should changing slowly is flawed because this thinking assumes the governments in place today are good enough to only need occasionally amendment. And that is just not the case, the executive power pyramid is failing to scale.

Team Projects Balance Technical with Political Rate of Change

Governments need to come and go as fast as technologies come and go in order to keep pace. That's crazy and can't happen with the Executive Power Pyramid. That's why Irreni replaces the concept of a nation and the executive power pyramid with teams and team projects. So, projects, not nations.

The motivation behind team projects comes from a common question asked in science fiction: how many people does it take to build a spaceship?

Why do you need to know how many people it takes to build a spaceship? Because all planets, solar systems and galaxies eventually die and humans will eventually need to have spaceships to get around and avoid extinction.

Spaceships are considered the most sophisticated technology to create and therefore requires more people than any other kind of project. All other technologies are simpler and require fewer people. So, if we answer the question about how many people it takes to build a spaceship and then we know the minimum population size of a planet, or perhaps a mission to colonize a new planet.

From peanut butter-to-spaceships, humans depend on each other. The governments needed to manage large projects and large groups of people then are determined by the size and duration of the project. This is the Irreni approach. Irreni approaches large governing bodies by the project teams size and duration. When a project ends then so does the governing team.

This design of matching governing human bodies to projects means governments can be as sustaining or short-lived as needed. This rate of change for projects roughly corresponds to the rate of change of technology. Governing constitutions come and go as technology does.

Circling Back to You Are HERE!

Looking back at the Power Pyramids diagram above then we can now begin to understand the comparisons.

The Executive Power Pyramid is equated with slow changing government that is eventually corrupted as power concentrates at the top. Large projects built on face-paced technology changes that then require large groups of people and corresponding management such as with NASA or health care are fundamentally undermined by the corruption and slow governing.

Irreni resolves the fundamental systemic problems of today's Executive Power Pyramids by being project based and not nation based. Projects can be small or large on any size of people scale as opposed to federal, state and local governments we have today. These projects are tied to project constitutions that come and go at the pace of the projects, no amendments required.

The Inverted Power Pyramid builds larger teams upon smaller teams repeatedly. This design means the smaller teams can change their constitutions without changing the larger constitutions. This inverted power pyramid design correctly balances the pace of governing change with the pace of technological change.

Balancing Individual Dependency

The Executive Power Pyramid cannot balance individual dependency. This is yet another fundamental flaw just as with corruption and the slow rate of government change.

As a consequence of the inability of the Executive Power Pyramid to balance individual dependency then the United States is the richest, most powerful country in the world and yet has the largest percentage of people in prison. The United States lags in education, lags in health-care, lags in elder care, lags in mental health care. The failure of the United States to balance individual dependency goes on-and-on. This is a fundamental problem with 0.00017% governing.

Irreni Teams balances individual dependency correctly. This is accomplished by the configuration of teams and the team being the unit of power.

Today we put our parents in nursing homes and criminals in jail. Tomorrow teams will be balanced with dependent people and productive people. Everyone will be required to do there part in supporting dependent people albeit the elderly, the handicapped, the mentally unstable or the children.

All hiring is team-to-team. Each team has a constitution and government in place to manage the various dependencies. The team members are managed so as to balance the worker-to-dependent ratio so as to balance individual dependency.

Don't Panic! Experiments Required

If you've read this far hopefully you are excited about the provocative possibilities and filled with questions about the implementation. What next? A book is in the making to further flush out the Irreni design so feel free to visit the blog to get these updates. However, even when the book of Irreni World Scale design is finished there will still be tons of questions. Why?

Irreni is a only framework and not a solution in and of itself. That is required because Irreni is designed to enable to government to keep pace with ever changing technology and science.

Science requires experiments. Tomorrow's political experiments have yet to be designed. The solutions provided by these social experiments are therefore unknown. Irreni defines a political laboratory for political experiments.

Now you may be thinking that science can only tell us how to build something, not why we want to build something. And you are correct.  Irreni World Scale divides governing into two aspects: desires and practice. What we desire is not science. What we desire therefore is captured by voting on projects in Irreni. Science is used to deliver the projects we agree upon by managing our collective human nature and keeping up-to-date with technology. In Irreni we primarily vote on projects first before leaders of projects. Projects will scale from small-to-large where we get to vote on projects from within our individual teams and we also get to vote on spaceship projects that will involve billions of people to implement. Once a project has been decided upon then science is invoked to implement the project. How projects are balanced is one of those details that need to be experimented upon.

Scientific experiments can also be used to better inform our desires. For example, today we use scientific environmental impact studies for project approval. Science in Irreni will also be used to make better desire decisions as well.

Irreni is all about the science. The science of human nature, the science of technology, and the science of nature are all used for the implementation of projects and helping with deciding projects.

Irreni offers nothing for determining our desires. Irreni is not about determining what we individually or collectively desire. What we humans desire is a perpetual conversation that will necessarily change generation-to-generation, crisis-to-crisis, individual-to-individual.

Irreni is new form of government that ensures human rights, balances individual dependency and delivers on our individual and collective desires.

Thanks for reading!

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