Saturday, November 22, 2014

Think Scale

Hi! Happy Saturday!

The most important take-away from this blog are not the specific ideas, but rather the concepts of thinking in scale. Although I do think my ideas are ripe for innovation, financial backing and start ups.
  1. Think scale. Telecommute. After 9/11 the Congress passed a law for continuing the government in the event Congress is wiped out by a terrorist event. That was the exact wrong thing to do. What they should have done is taken measures to ensure that wiping out Congress with a terrorist attack was impossible. How? Easy, telecommute. We should pass a constitutional amendment that says our Federal representatives must work in their respective states. Telecommute. Congress should never gather in one place. Not. Ever. Wouldn't it be nice if your representatives had to meet you face-to-face daily in your state? 
  2. Think scale. The telecommute point above is the point of this blog. Use technology. Why are we still living in 1776 when it comes to governing? Why are our representatives only working half the year? This made sense in 1776 when travel back-and-forth to Washington D.C. took weeks. This makes no sense these days. Politicians do not need to campaign half the year or fund raise ever. Instead, they should use social media. Our representatives need to work forty-hour weeks minimum like millions of other working Americans. Let politicians campaign daily by Twitter, blogging and Youtube videos. We should force every elected official to blog and write for themselves with no speech writers. Nothing exposes a person's ability to think like writing. Imagine if campaigning was solely relegated to original, personal writings by the politicians? We can do that with today's technology.
  3. Ideas only. We no longer need idea place holders and over-arching idea notions such as party platforms. We need to treat public policy like engineers treat technology.. Instead of talking in broad terms like "socialized medicine" each aspect of medicine can be broken out and managed on its own terms.
  4. Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. 
  5. Innovation takes new ideas, new claims without evidence, and experiments in the real world on a small enough scale so as to gather evidence and learnings to either support further enlarging the innovation experiment or to fail. Failure happens far more often than success in innovation; failure is expected as the ideas are fresh without evidence. Venture capitalists expect a failure rate of 9/10 with start ups.  We innovate like this in tech all the time so why not in politics? Let's have government start ups and move beyond the fixed notions of state, local and federal governments. C'mon, it is 2014 already!
  6. Innovation replaces revolution. As we have seen in Iraq and oh so many places that destruction is infinitely easier than construction. The farther along we are on a technological scale then the bigger the penalty for destruction. Innovation builds and replaces what's there gradually. Revolution without a proven plan to build something better is not a better option. Any new plan to replace a government the size of the US government will be a plan without evidence and therefore can be dismissed without evidence. This is why we need to do the hard work and innovate. Now please!
Well come! and Well met!

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