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Irreni is a new form of government that is founded upon the science of human nature. Irreni replaces nations with teams, democracy with teams, all governments on planet Earth today with teams. Irreni is a planetary form of government and this is reflected in its name: Irreni World Scale. Irreni is scientifically designed to infinitely scale. This means Irreni can be used as a solar system government or a galaxy government and scale to trillions or trillions-of-trillions of people.

That's a mighty big claim considering today all of our nation states on Earth are failing.

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What's on this web site?

First, I'm your host, Mybrid Wonderful and second this Wonderful® web site is two things: a combination of a book and a blog.


The Book

The book is very much a work in progress and the DRAFT chapters are available for viewing and editing.

If you want to get in on the action, either editing or even writing, then please send me email.

The Book Chapters 

  1. Forwad: What is Irreni?
  2. Chapter 1: Introduction to Free Thinking
  3. Chapter 2: Silicon Valley Innovation
  4. Chapter 3: Bottoms uP! 

The Blog


The blog posts are not daily or timely. The blog posts for Irreni happen occasionally and are observations about current events and how Irreni would do things different.

The blog posts are political but not partisan.

The blog posts are political but not punditry. The blog post are solutions. The blog posts suggest solutions using and Irreni lens where today most political commentary is partisan bickering about entrenched positions.

The Blog Posts


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