Sunday, October 4, 2015

Irreni Solutions vs. Tribalism

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Today I want to address the usage within Irreni of the word "tribe" and juxtapose what's meant by tribe and the devastating violence that results from tribalism. Tribalism is widely recognized by anthropologists and those in cognitive science as a major player in why we commit violence and kill each other.
Tribalism is the state of being organized in, or advocating for, a tribe or tribes. In terms of conformity, tribalism may also refer in popular cultural terms to a way of thinking or behaving in which people are more loyal to their tribe than to their friends, their country, or any other social group.[1]

The Irreni use of the concept of tribe is in many ways vastly different than the tribe of pre-technology such that one might ask why use the word "tribe" at all?

The answer as to why the use of the word tribe has to do with the inherent difference between the pace of technological change and the pace of evolutionary change.

"The state of technological advancement today is such that we have guided missiles and misguided men."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

The pace of evolution cannot keep up with the pace of technological advancement. The Irreni World Scale use of the tribe accounts for this fact. Where necessary we need to acknowledge and engage our evolutionary nature that reaches as far back as  two-hundred thousand years or so when social groups first kicked in.

The primary purpose of a tribe within Irreni is to manage fellowship...and by extension culture.

To better understand why we still need some concept of tribe then it is worth remembering that our brains distinguish from the rest of the animal kingdom in three important general areas: language, social groups and tool making.

Given we are still very much made of the same genetics of some two-hundred thousand years ago then we need to manage genetics made obsolete by technological advancement with regards to language, social groups and tool making.

Languages and tool making in human nature today seem to adjust easily to modernity. We are not stunted because of some genetic limits with our  speaking ability, for example. We add approximately sixty-thousand new words to the English language each year, most of them technical. Language scales with technology. Reading and writing is a problem for large populations but our tools are compensating and improving every day so as to overcome our genetic language limitations. The usage of word "tools" is synonymous with "technology".

Our ability to make tools is the reason for our genetic  imbalances today. There seems to be no slowing down as to our learning and building. When you think about technology our tool making ability appears to have no limits whereas language capability easily has limits. How many languages do you speak? However, computers are providing translations and technology managers are language limitations.  Tools to the rescue! And how about for brain's ability to manage social groups?

Of the three areas that distinguish our brain from other animals it is our brains capacity for social groups that has suffered the most as a result of the pace of technological advancement.  Many people today feel disconnected, disaffected and out-of-touch all the while being aware of billions of people that live on this earth. We potentially have billions of people to choose from but we feel left out, why? Because social groups imply dependency on each other. The concept of the job means our dependencies on each other today have been dispersed diffusely such that perhaps upwards of as many as million people can contribute to something as simple as the peanut butter in our kitchen cabinet. How can we humans feel connected, feel our worth, understand our identity in that diffuse dispersal of dependency? Our genetics are not up to the task for so many people today. So we need to bring our need for dependency on each other back to ground level, a local tribe.

Irreni's design of the tribe is intended to re-engage our social group brain by encouraging a small group of people to directly care for each other. Our non-tribe contributions will be the same as today, disconnected from our brain's ability to comprehend the helping and depending.

However, Irreni's design of the tribe mitigates violence of tribalism by defining a tribe to be a maximum of thirty people. To cooperate beyond thirty people then tribes need to cooperate with each other.  Tribalism is mitigated simply as a matter of scale. Tribalism is also mitigated by the character of the tribe to be a mix of human nature traits and not some ideology albeit religion, nation or politics, left or right.

Irreni requires we all belong to a tribe of thirty of some human nature mix of people. The intent here is that within that your tribe group things you do matter to you the way your brain operates. The tribe dependency daily actions provide meaningful direct-feedback fellowship. Even if you cannot find work outside the tribe there should always be work supporting the tribe. Especially because Irreni calls for each and every tribe to take care of all the people institutionalized today in care facilities,  mental institutions and prisons. In your face baby. In sight, in mind. If we all are taking care of the elderly, the mentally unstable, the orphans, the foster kids and so on then we'll have direct motivation to solve the problems these people have that make them so dependent. Irreni tribes then are designed to provide visceral fellowship and be free from ideology due to a mix based on human nature differences and not ideology ethnocentrism.

Irreni's design calling for tribes reflects our human nature that is still languishing thousands of years in the past because genetic evolution changes so slowly  relative to technology changes that can happen overnight.  Irreni's design is intended to eliminate tribalism today by keeping tribe membership to thirty people and by mixing tribe membership for differences of human nature and not ideology. Further Irreni also encourages changing tribes, or finding your tribe. A healthy competition should exist amongst tribes to keep or recruit depending on what's needed by the tribe and the freedom to move about by all tribe members. This goes for the people who need us to care for them. These folks can change tribes as well.

Just as a reminder, Irreni is science driven. All claims made in the above paragraphs need to be vetted with experiments. The claims need to have experiments performed and the results used to adjust the design.


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