Monday, May 22, 2017


Hi! Happy Monday!

This post is a response to a podcast that I just listened to over at TechCruch.

Hi! Cindy!

Below I argue:

For SexTech to thrive then women need to have full education world-wide. To whit, your ambitions are not large enough. I believe your ambitions should include nothing less than the full and complete education of every single woman on the planet.

This is an open letter to Cindy, or rather extended comments regarding the podcast on TechCrunch.

Well done! and Well met!

Bravo on the SexTech cause and the energy. Your enthusiasm is a warm welcome.  My comments here are a response to a couple of points made in the podcast:

  1. Sex funding as a taboo in Silicon Valley is the only taboo.
  2. "All The Sky" fund name for a SexTech fund. 

Silicon Valley Taboos

I briefly perused the MakeLoveNotPorn web site and verified what was seemingly apparent in the podcast. It seems your MakeLoveNotPorn has taboos as well. In particular two taboos that haunt me with respect to getting Silicon Valley's interest: politics and religion.

In order for sex change to happen in our world then  religion and politics need to change. And yet I did not see on the web site or hear in the podcast a single mention of new laws or comments condemning religious sexual fallacies.

Which brings me to my next point:

All The Sky Fund

In the podcast you mentioned the name of your fund, "All The Sky", being a reference to Chairman Mao Zedong's quote, "Women hold up half the sky."

This is clearly a political statement. A statement about patriarchy and how you believe the patriarchy cannot build SexTech. You said that SexTech must come from women to meet women's needs. This is juxtaposed to porn which is strictly for men's needs.

Contrary to what I just said, undermining the world's patriarchy is a political statement, just not directly.

And that's the rub.

It seems you are perfectly comfortable publicly discussing sex and not politics. You seem publicly uncomfortable with politics and religion. Thus you are being passive aggressive with the name "All The Sky"? Pushwaw. Be like Christopher Hitchens.

Christopher Hitchens

I believe you need to be as open, bombastic and polemic about disposing of the patriarchy, its religion and politics as Christopher Hitchens was.

Hitchens was last decades pre-eminent anti-theist in my view. No one did it better. In being such a public figure Hitchens was often asked if his agenda was to eliminate religion. His response was always the same, "No".

Why not? Because religion is ignorance. Ignorance will always be with us. We'll never eliminate religion because we'll never eliminate ignorance.  The only way to overcome ignorance and religion is through education. Hitchens rightly pointed out that anywhere women are educated then patriarchy and religion crumble. And women enjoy sex better.

So Hitchens' solution of educating women is the same as yours for MakeLoveNotPorn.  Science agrees with Hitchens that the full education of women promotes secularism. Establishing the full education of women world-wide should also include SexTech education.

For SexTech to thrive then women need to have full education world-wide. To whit, your ambitions are not large enough. I believe your ambitions should include nothing less than the full and complete education of every single woman on the planet.

Irreni World Scale

Irreni is to politics what SexTech is to sex. Irreni means "innovation replaces revolution, engineering not ideology."

Irreni includes many political technological innovations to prime the political innovation pump:

  •  The Doll (Device of Loving Life). Every person on the face of this planet is given the equivalent of today's iPhone or Android phone for life. We've already manufactured more the seven billion cell phones. This is logistically easy.
  • The Vote Bank. Votes are no longer cast, but banked. Votes are deposited the same way we deposit money today. There exist vote accounts for every political position. Votes are on deposit always and made public for solidarity reasons, solidarity not patriarchy.
  • The Right to Individual Currency. This one will be especially valuable to SexTech. The Doll will enable individual currency by providing instant currency exchange of seven billion currencies. Remove the power of the purse from the exclusive right of the government and women will be enabled to sponsor SexTech. Government control of currency is patriarchal control of currency.
These are just three of twenty initial innovations that I'm offering for politics in the 21st Century.


I'd like to conclude with a comment about enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm and your goals go hand-in-hand. They are the same  scale. They are both grand in scale.

My hat is off to you because enthusiasm is my weakness. My goals are as large as my enthusiasm is small.

Perhaps then we can be of use to each other? I can provide the political and religious aspects to the sex aspects of MakeLoveNotPorn.

Irreni World Scale represents solutions and ideas that positively focus on changing laws that run roughshod over religious immorality, including sexual immorality.  However, I do think one needs to take the gloves off and have the polemic rows with religion and politics. Don't be afraid.