Friday, December 18, 2015

Irreni Solutions vs. The United States of America

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Irreni World Scale is about solutions. This is blog post will be no different.

Irreni World Scale includes the word "World" and so justly so one might get the wrong impression that Irreni is about a new world order, but it is not.

Irreni World Scale vs. The United States of America is a case of mistaken identity.

What is the American identity? What does it mean to say one is patriotic in America? Surely that term patriotic must mean something about our collective national identity, does it not?

I watched the Republican Presidential debates this week. I learned something. Donald Trump is on the stump stating if elected President then he will not only kill the terrorists, but also their families. What I found shocking is that this barely raised any eyebrow.

George Washington never tortured. He was presented with the opportunity to torture many times. He never did.

Realize that never was the fate of this nation so insecure, the odds so terribly against our very survival, as at the onset. The British out-gunned us and out-manned as. The British were far wealthier.

Given all this Washington refused to torture. Why? Because Washington made a very important point that is just as relevant today as it was during the Revolutionary War.

Washington said that the character of a nation defines the nation and that he was not fighting for and did not want to be part of a nation that tortured.

In the same way I do not want to be part of a nation that kills the families of criminals. I do not want to be part of nation that kills without trial or kills the innocent to save their own ass. There is an ancient word for this kind of behavior: coward. Donald Trump is a coward. I am not.

So many things have transpired since 9/11 that have undermined every character trait of what it means to be an American...torture being just one in a long list. Another example is that we trivially undermined the concept of a prisoner of war by a simple wordsmithing: we labeled them enemy combatants just to skirt the Geneva Convention. We house "enemy combatants" at Gitmo without any treaty or legal restraint by a simple act of word usage.

The question posed by the debate moderator to Donald about killing family members was this: how can the U.S. kill innocent family members when that is forbidden by the Geneva convention? What's laughable about this question is that the Bush administration already supplied the answer: simple legal wordsmithing.

Cry my beloved country, cry. Why would we hang our national character, our very identity on the Geneva convention? Doesn't killing family members violate American character first and foremost? Why wouldn't we, as Americans, have enough character within ourselves to disavow killing the families of criminals and state this violates every fiber or our American identity? How can one call oneself an American and sponsor killing family members? And yet here we are.

How did it come to this? How is it that we have so lost our way, how is it that we have lost our national identity such that our country has been reduced to most despicable tyrannical of identities: might makes right? What happened to our belief in innocent until proven guilty? What has happened to America?

The answer? Technology.

Technology happened. In this case the culprit is mass communication.

The thing is that a national character, a social culture relies in great part on a singular view of human nature built upon  ignorance and lies, on tyranny and deception.

Daniel Dennet is a person of interest to me as an atheist. He has a theory based on data that religion will soon die out because of the Internet. Mass communication is making society more transparent than ever before and exposing all the lies told by religion.

Every fiber in the fabric of culture today is being upended by information replacing ignorance, transparency exposing deception. From the smallest societal level, the family, where husbands for all of history controlled the family by ignorance and force, the wives were lied too with limited education and information so how could they not believe to the largest scale  of society where religions all have promoted a single human nature as true, a singular human nature set of rules about things like marriage. This singular human nature view has been a lie the entire time. Now, though, we are collectively waking up and gay marriage is only the first of a coming deluge of human nature's diversity acknowledgements.

Any singular world view of human nature albeit national character or religion   is doomed to die in age of information transparency and mass communication.

In the United States the destruction of our singular world view of our national character of what it means to be American accelerated in the 1990s at the birth of the Internet. The Internet using web browsers started in 1993 when Netscape Mosaic was released. Not long after Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves and also Fox News.

Fox News and Rush Limbaugh were not just challenging media lies of liberal bias. No, conservative media challenged our national identity definition that had been tightly controlled through limited mass communication of ABC, NBC and CBS.

When the conservatives say they want to take this country back they do not mean they want to go back to the 1950s era of only ABC, NBC and CBS and liberal controlled media. That is not what they mean by taking the country back.

No, when the conservatives say they want to take this country back what they mean is to redefine national character historically, an alternate national narrative to completely rewrite all of American history since the civil war they see promoted by liberal media.

How can a country survive without a national character? How can a country survive with diametrically opposed and  juxtaposed national characters on such major issues as:
  1. abortion
  2. war
  3. capitalism
  4. torture
  5. guns
just to name a few.

The answer, of course, is we can't. Our national character and all cultural characters have been historically been built upon ignorance and deception; two fundamental principles becoming ever increasing impossible in an age of information and transparency.

Irreni has a solution: find your tribe. It is of course ludicrous to believe 300 million Americans could ever willingly agree to a single national character, a single definition of patriotic. That's impossible. So we must give up that notion in an era of information and transparency.

Now, today, what the human condition throughout the entire world needs is for bottom up identity and bottom up power: find your tribe. The "World" then in Irreni World Scale is about the world shifting to local identities and admitting that the days of any singular human nature defined by religion and nation are  not feasible. Instead how we define ourselves is first by our person, second by our tribe, and then ever weaker by ever larger sets of tribes.

This has to be. Bottom up identity has to be.  In a world of seven billion people how does one find ones sense of self-worth and importance from the top down? You are irrelevant and disaffected? The answer has to be identities most treasured importance is  from the bottom up and not the top down that has been the case in modern history.  To whit, Irreni World Scale is a solution that is of a time and place. Irreni World Scale addresses technological changes in society brought on by technological scale and hence is only applicable when those technological scale conditions exist. If ever mass communication is destroyed then ignorance and deception will once again usher forth a singular human nature world view...and all of the tyranny, suffering and oppression that goes along with it.

Find your tribe! That is the Irreni World Scale solution to the much needed disintegration of cultures founded upon singular human nature views that can only be sustained via ignorance and lies.


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