Friday, June 24, 2016

Irreni World Scale vs. Direct Democracy

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Irreni World Scale is about solutions and not punditry. In this edition the solution is science. The problem is Democracy, especially Direct Democracy.

Irreni is politics as science. Irreni is not just politics as voting.

Irreni provides solutions to political needs using science and engineering just as with technology. Irreni calls for representative voting as we do today and then adds politics as science. Irreni calls for political experiments on a massive scale to provide scientific solutions to political ends.

Science with regards to math uses mathematical models to describe the world in sufficient enough accuracy so as to build things like bridges that don't fall down. One does not build a bridge by simply voting on the process of how to build the bridge.

Science also relies on experiments. Mathematical models cannot be accurately made when the unknown variables overwhelm the model. Science relies heavily on experiments in the field of biology where the unknown variables are orders of magnitudes greater than the control variables. However, even in the face of large unknowns, voting on drug ingredients to concoct new drugs should not be done. We should not vote for medicine when we have proven science, even if that scientific proof is limited.

Voting for drug ingredients has a name: homoeopathy.

The Brexit vote is the homoeopathy of politics. Science with respect to drugs does involve a great number of unknowns that can lead to serious side effects and even death. Still, even with the risks there is proven science behind pharmaceuticals that is better than just winging it by feelings, a.k.a homoeopathy. 

And the same applies to Brexit being the homoeopathy of politics. Yes representative politics can lead to serious side effects and even death. However, representatives are far more informed than the public about the political topic. Because of the public's unawareness then direct democracy is a tyranny and oppression of whimsy. Homoeopathy medicine and direct democracy are be based on nothing other than feelings of limited information, bad information or wilfully no information. In the Brexit case those feelings were simply feelings of xenophobia. Brexit is based upon feelings of anti-immigrant and specifically feelings of anti-Muslim.

But feelings do not a plan make. Every country needs a plan. Every country needs a set of laws that make sense with respect to each other. Direct democracy robs us of any plan. Direct democracy votes such as with the Brexit vote are stripped of all implications and impacts of all other laws. Direct Democracy is a tyranny of chaos. 

Direct democracy is tyranny and oppression every bit as onerous a monarchy or dictatorship because of the whimsical, incoherent nature of the resulting government and policies.

I came to California in 1984 in the heat of a passionate direct democracy vote on whether California should have a State lottery. The tyranny of the deal involved "doing it for the children". The State lottery would be "for the children." Of course as soon as the Direct Democracy measure passed then the powers that be found a way to rob the children by simply removing the money that was previously used for the children but did not a have a constitutional guarantee.

The founding fathers went way, way, way out of their way to mitigate feelings and promote informed politics:
  • The hot feelings of the short term, larger body House is checked by the longer term, smaller Senate.
  • The hot feelings of the Congress are checked by Presidential veto.
  • The hot feelings of the Congress and President are checked by the Supreme Court. 
That's a lot of check and balances to overcome our propensity as humans to manage by hot feelings.

Direct Democracy undermines all the sense and informed measures established by the U.S. Constitution and Representative Democracy.

Irreni World Scale as a solution goes the next logical step beyond representative democracy and upgrades representative democracy with politics as science.  Irreni World Scale will also be a science of large unknowns as with biology and drugs because our current science of social, scientific models are limited. Politics as science will involve large experiments that produce solutions that will  have serious, nasty side effects that also result in death. But it will be science; science proven to have some efficacy.

It is time to move beyond representative democracy as the best form of planned and  intelligent politics. Irreni calls for politics as science the same as we rely on science for technological success.

The Brexit and direct democracy are the homoeopathy of politics relative to representative democracy. Representative democracy is a homoeopathy of politics relative to Irreni World Scale because Irreni relies on science.

We as a world cannot digress in our politics to direct democracy.  The Brexit is a populist, hot feelings measure. It is an atom bomb of politics precisely because it is a political decision made void of any deference to any other political decision. This is the tyranny of chaos.

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